Editor of Baptist Standard pens left-wing repudiation of Trump I expect anti-Trump screeds from the New York Times, or from Slate – but from the Baptist Standard?

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Jan 23, 2017 1 Comment ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

I expect anti-Trump screeds from the New York Times, or from Slate – but from the Baptist Standard? Frankly that’s the last place I’d look for an attack on Trump such as the one written by editor Marv Knox.

Mr. Knox writes that the conservative Christians who helped Trump get elected face a challenge.

Marv Knox

Marv Knox

He says they must influence the Trump administration to apply the Christian values they ignored when they voted for him. He then goes on to list five things – all from the far left – that his brand of Christians should monitor – stuff like letting more Muslims into the USA, sexual equality, and protecting immigrants & the LGBT community.

It’s all written from a far left perspective –and it assumes everything about Trump that you’d hear on MSNBC. I wonder if the pastor of Dallas’ First Baptist Church, Robert Jeffress, will cancel his subscription.

What would Pastor Jeffress do?

You know he must have read this article—if not in his copy of the Baptist Standard, then certainly he must have seen it reprinted in his hometown newspaper – the Dallas Morning News. As an early – and eager – follower of Donald Trump, and one who preached at the inauguration, he must be appalled.

The Baptist Standard, after all, is a mainstay of the denomination in Texas – and what it says carries weight. Knox is either speaking as a voice for thousands of Baptists – or he is an outlier. Frankly, I don’t know any Baptists that would agree with his views.

Knox’s five issues to monitor:

1. Care for the poor and the weak.

Yes, the Bible commands that, but it does not instruct Christians – or the government – to enable people who are healthy and simply want to live on taxpayer dollars. The famous video of the lady and her “Obama phone” is a case in point. The Democratic Party depends on miring people in poverty – and then providing them with welfare – in order to grow. President Trump is unlikely to throw the deserving poor off of food tamps – but he may set a new standard, as he should.

2. Unfailing support for absolute religious liberty.

This is so much bull. Maybe I should change the name of my radio show to “Lynn Woolley Ministries” and go tax-exempt. Mr. Knox, nothing in the Bill of Rights is absolute. I can own a firearm only so long as I do not use one in the commission of a crime. I cannot yell “fire” in a crowded theater. Islam is an oppressive political system with a religious component. Trump’s “disdain” for Muslims, as you call it, revolves around terrorism and that religion’s disregard for women’s rights. President Trump will not—nor should he – allow radical Islam to take hold in America as it has in Europe.

3. Repudiation of racism. The-Baptist-Standard-Icon

I’ll bet President Trump does far better on the race issue than did Obama. President Obama is known as the “Great Divider” because of his polices on race and Social Justice – beginning with his twenty years of attending a church with a racist, anti-Semitic preacher named Jeremiah Wright. All Trump did was tell white males in the heartland that he had not forgotten them – while Hillary Clinton eschewed them in favor of what liberals call “emerging constituencies.” Hillary would not have been a president for white males—and that, too, is racism.

4. Affirmation of sexual equality.

Knox writes of “Trumps sexual misogyny” and how it dragged the campaign to its lowest point. Trump was a big talker but Bill Clinton was an active abuser of women. His wife, the Democratic nominee, was in charge of “bimbo eruptions” during the Clinton years. To say that Trump was worse on this issue then Hillary is beyond ridiculous. Trump talks nasty about women while Hillary worked to destroy their reputations.

5. Protection of the “other.”

Frankly, this admonition from Mr. Knox comes right off the airwaves of Chris Matthews’ “Hardball” show on MSNBC – the left-wing cable news channel. Matthews and Leonard Pitts of the Miami Herald are always screaming about it. But some people in that strange category created by the Left are not worthy of respect. Major Nidal Malak Hassan was an “other” and he killed a bunch of people at Fort Hood including an unborn child. “Others” who immigrate here will be accepted assuming they assimilate. But the Left prefers diversity. Mr. Knox also does a shout-out to the LGBT community and to immigrants, one supposes of the illegal variety. While no one wants to take away any rights, homosexuality is clearly repudiated by the Bible, and illegal immigrants are by definition breaking our laws.

All in all, this was a strange column to be written by the editor of  a Baptist publication.

I’m not a Baptist, but my father was. I’ve been to a lot of Baptist services – and I don’t see this column as representative at all. Maybe I’m wrong – but if I were a member of that church – I’d call for this editor to seek employment elsewhere – or maybe I just wouldn’t renew my subscription.


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  1. don76550 says:

    I am familiar with Marv Knox. He is a liberal extremist. Prior to the Baptist Standard going online, I was instrumental in getting the Baptist Standard removed from our church, because of his liberal tirades.

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