As we say goodbye, America is still Exceptional I’m leaving the Lynn Woolley Show on daily radio, but I’m not going far.

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Oct 26, 2018 1 Comment ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

As you may have heard, I won’t be around on your radio dial when the election results come in. I promise to explain all that in a future column. But for now, on this final Logic Minute, let’s talk about what’s about to happen.

I think Senator Ted Cruz will defeat Beto O’Rourke rather easily.

But if he doesn’t, Texas will still be the greatest state. Two years from now, I’m confident President Trump will be re-elected. Either way, future historians and politicians will study his methods trying to figure out how a non-politician with an attitude could create so much prosperity.

Lynn Woolley with Jim Cardle in “Fabled Studio L”

I want to you to know that I am optimistic and I think that no matter what happens on Election Day — America is exceptional – like no other place on Earth. I suspect that President Trump has set a bar that no Democrat will ever reach. I’ve never been more excited about my country.

I’m leaving the Lynn Woolley Show on daily radio, but I’m not going far.

If you enjoy the show, or enjoying listening just to yell back at the radio, you’re probably wondering why. After all, I consider myself to be at the absolute peak of whatever abilities God gave me to do this job.

A few years ago, I wrote a column on the occasion of our 20th year on air – including the early days at KTEM, 5 months on KVET in Austin, and as a syndicated show. At the time I wrote it, I knew that someday it would end and I wanted to document as much as I could before I forget.

I have never loved doing it more than right now.

My first “official” photo in the old KTEM studio, 1995. We used it on a promotional set of baseball cards.

But circumstances beyond my control have dictated for some time that if a challenging opportunity ever presented itself — in or out of talk radio – I should consider it.

When I was offered a job in public radio, I thought about it long and hard. And I decided that I should accept it and move to a new phase in life.

The new job is in the Central Texas area, and will present a new challenge for me in a different segment of the broadcast business. I am excited about it and plan to do the very best job I can.

I have a chance to work with a successful public station and create new shows and new ways to build audience. Frankly, it should be fun. And yes, you will hear about it if you live in Central Texas.

My biggest regret is leaving the stations and the audience that I have considered as family for so long.

I can tell you that I never worked a minute doing this job.

From an hour and a half of show prep each morning, three hours on air, writing columns and Logic Minutes for the show and for WBDaily – trying to make a positive difference in the world, and doing it all in a thoughtful and logical manner, has been more like a passion than a job.

It is who I am, and I will not change.

My new job is not political, and so I will not be political as I conduct day-to-day duties. I can still play my music in restaurants and wine bars, and I can still write columns for WBDaily, and I may do the occasional fill-in job here and there – and I’ll probably appear on “The Texas Insider Show with Jim Cardle” on KJCE 1370 in Austin. I’ll keep you updated about all that on my Facebook page.

In the meantime, to David Hodges, Lou Ann Anderson, Ben Barrack, Lisa Ryals, and others before them – thank you for an amazing job in making this small syndicated show sound as professional as the big boys.

Best of luck to David and Lou Ann as they continue the logic each day. A special thanks to Shane Curington whose super power is actually understanding computers and fixing them when they conspire against the rest of us.

Rush Limbaugh at the EIB network

I should also thank Rush Limbaugh.

He is a giant in the field and I have no doubt that AM talk radio would not exist if he hadn’t stormed onto the national stage. There are a lot of good talk show hosts in the country, but he is still the first of the modern, post-Fairness Doctrine political hosts.

He is still, in my opinion, the best. For years, I have stated my thoughts on-air, and then driven back to the mansion to see if the Doctor of Democracy was in agreement. No matter how analytical I thought I had been, Mr. Limbaugh always seemed to think of something I’d overlooked. He remains for me the ONLY appointment radio on my dial and I will continue to seek out his wisdom.

But here’s what to keep in mind: the upcoming midterms are important, but the United States will persevere no matter what. This Republic is too strong for the Left to destroy. They can damage it, but the people are watching and will not allow them to go too far. Hosts like Rush on radio and Tucker and Hannity on FOX News will keep the logic flowing across the nation.

I’ll be watching too, and I’ll weigh in when necessary.

Let’s all thank God for the years we had together. Feel free to keep emailing me, and check WBDaily and Facebook often. Watch this space for more revelations about why I felt it necessary to make the job change – and about what I’m doing.

The best is always yet to come in the United States of America. So, as we put the final plug in the jug, be logical. God bless our country, our soldiers, our flag, and God bless President Trump.

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  1. VerbosePhil says:

    Oh no, say it isn’t so! I go off on a cruise and look what happens! It has been a long run, and a good one! Will certainly miss listening to you. Good luck on your new chapter. All the best.

    Phil V.

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