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Oldies format out of vogue as today’s radio eschews 1950’s Top 40

Issue #1376
by Jim Rose


LEGENDARY NOLA ANCHOR CALLS FINAL GAME In 1961, Maury Magill’s 44-year radio career begins on WWL-870. He becomes one of the most well-known voices in The Big Easy’s radio history. On September 17, 1967 on WWL Maury broadcasts New Orleans Saints first game in Tulane Stadium. On November 8, 1970 legendary broadcaster Magill is on hand with his broadcast partner Al Wester’s call of the Saints Tom Dempsey’s record-setting 63-yard kick.

Maury Magill (Photo: GNOBA) [2]

Maury Magill (Photo: GNOBA)

Maury Magill dies at 89 [3] on Friday, ‎January ‎16, ‎2015.

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OLDIES IS A BAD WORD [4] From the latest trend in radio it looks like the word Oldies is taboo because several former Oldies radio stations now refer to themselves as something else. Just out of the corral in the removal of the Oldies banner is iHeartMedia KODJ FM (Oldies 94.1) Salt Lake City, ID that abolishes the Oldies brand in favor of its frequency and call letters: 94.1 KODJ. To go along with the change is the addition of 1980s tunes to the KODJ FM playlist. Also, no more 1950s Classics in today’s ‘Oldies’ radio stations.

Chuck Berry, one of the architects of rock & roll, isn't heard much on today's radio. [5]

Chuck Berry, one of the architects of rock & roll, isn’t heard much on today’s radio.

SNAG IN ENTERCOM’S LINCOLN FINANCIAL TAKE OVER At first what appears to be smooth sailing in Entercom’s takeover of Lincoln Financial reaches a road block. As the 30 day reporting period nears expiration on January 14, 2014 Entercom withdraws its report forms to the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice. Entercom tells the Securities & Exchange Commission that it intends to refile within 48 hours to give the agencies an additional month to examine and approve the acquisition.

LA CUCARACHA GOES COUNTRY In 1959, WNUA FM (95.5) opens in Chicago, IL as WDHF FM. In 1976, it reforms as WMET FM until 1985 when it spins to WRXR FM. In August 1987, it becomes WNUA FM. Over the years various formats: EZ Listening, Big Band, Top 40, AOR, Adult Contemporary, Oldies, New Age, Smooth Jazz, Spanish CHR and Regional Mexican. Since May 2009, WNUA FM is Latino El Patron. On Monday, January 5, 2015 WNUA FM tosses its sombrero for a Stetson as Big 95.5 Chicago’s Hit Country.

TRIVIA QUESTION: What is the first GUI mouse computer? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Todd Meadows January 1st. Charles Cashmere January 4th. Howard Reynolds January 5th. Jan Case January 8th. Dave Tucker January 9th. Dan Halyburton &. Barry Pollack Monday, January 26, 2014. •JOSH CHAPIN exits WVIT TV NBC CH 30 Hartford, CT to join KHOU TV CBS CH 11 Houston, TX as a reporter. •BRANDON WALKER scrams News 12 Connecticut 24-hour local news service Norwalk, CT for Morning Reporter position on KPRC TV NBC CH 2 Houston, TX.


•1959 KOKH TV IND/PBS CH 25 in Oklahoma City, OK begins broadcasting on January 26th. •1964 BUCK OWENS records My Heart Skips A Beat & Together Again on January 28th in Hollywood, CA. •1976 NFL PRO BOWL: NFC beats AFC 23-20 on January 26th. •1988 RANDY TRAVIS’ Always And Forever is his first Double-Platinum album on January 29th. •1995 LOUIS HEREN British journalist dies at 65 on January 26th. •2009 CHRIS YOUNG’s Gettin’ You Home releases to radio on RCA records on January 26th.


RED JONES [2008 Georgia Radio Hall of Fame – retires from WKNG-1060 [W] June 15, 2011 after 63 years in radio] (Carrollton-Tallapoosa, GA) Subject: Houston memories. Your article on Tidelands brought back memories. During my “younger” days sat with the Kingston Trio at the Tidelands with blab/blab till about 5 am one Sat. morning rushing to our Lovett Blvd studios with no breakfast for a 6 am shift that (on Sat) went to 12 Noon. we were young but my all night jock did go for coffee. As for comedy, we at KILT were the first to play comedy album tracks. Some said it’ll never work. I was doing 12-3 at the time and worked in tracks by Newhart, Brother Dave, Justin Wilson. Phones rang off the wall. Ratings up up and away. 1959. Justin became huge in Big H with his kajun bits and he and I were asked to co-mc the Miss Houston Pageant in 1960. Dave Gardner also “got his start” with all this but he had a problem that did not do well for him. Plus Millie, his wife, a total idiot. But great memories of Houston from that era. Sadly, won’t happen again. Oh…back then you had to be a member of a club to get in and drink…had to have your membership card. I can remember at the Tidelands (and others) people would line up and someone would have a handful of member ship cards with “one per customer.” Here you are…come on in! Red Jones Georgia Radio Hall of Fame

JEFF MCCLAIN [KNUZ, KENR, KFMK, WNOE] (Houston-Cleveland, TX) Hey Jim! Sorry to hear about Ben Harold fighting cancer. My prayers are with him. I remember Ben from my days at KENR in the 70’s. God Speed!

KENDALL DUNAWAY [Chuck’s wife] (Houston-Katy, TX) Subject: Chucky. Hey Jim: I’ll forward your e-mail to Chuck. I know he’s anxious to get back on his e-mail and he’ll write you as soon as he’s home. Thanks for checking on him. Chuck and I both really appreciate your concern. -Kendall Dunaway

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ANDY WALDROP [ex KILT-610, KIKK FM] (Houston, TX) Subject: Jay Cook. Jim, In reference to Jack Parnell’s question regarding Jay Cook, I am not sure, but he MAY have been at KKBQ AM/FM during part of their heyday as a Top 40 Powerhouse. I think Ron Parker or John Lander can correct me if I’m wrong…or…expand on what you already have. Ron Parker responds to me with this: Yes he was KKBQ GM around 1985-1988 or 1984-1987?? Andy

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MIKE MCDERMOTT [Actor, DJ, voiceovers, radio advertising] (Houston, TX) Subject: WSJ on WOAI. Jim, I could be wrong but I thought I heard some version of the Wall Street Journal with Gordon Deal last week on WOAI-AM San Antonio from 4 am to 5 am. Mike McDermott

TRIVIA ANSWER: On January 19, 1983 Apple Computer unveils its Apple Lisa graphic user interface (GUI) mouse personal computer for individual business users at $9,995 ($23,700 today). In 1983, Apple which releases the Lisa processor at a torrid 5 MHz and 1 MB of RAM sells poorly. Apple’s first model Lisa only moves about 10,000 units. But, Lisa breaks ground for the Macintosh with its legendary 1984 advertisement that we see 31 years ago during Superbowl XVIII.

DON SUNDEEN [DJ/Hi Records promotion/TV ad production] (Dallas, TX) Subject: Bob Montgomery. I didn’t know the great writer/producer, Bob Montgomery that well, but in the last century one night I was in a group at Roger Miller’s Nashville club, King of the Road, when Bob regaled us with tales of his storied career, including playing with that “Long, Tall, Texas Drink of Water,” Buddy Holly. The number of hits Bob wrote or produced are legendary, yet he was as real as the day he left Lubbock with a bus ticket and guitar. I never heard a cross word spoken about him. They’re partying tonight in Hillbilly Heaven [6].

TEX RITTER (January 12, 1905 – January 2, 1974) I dreamed I was there in Hillbilly Heaven Oh, what a beautiful sight And I met all the stars in Hillbilly Heaven.

Jim Rose and Suzie
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

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