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Jul 27, 2015 No Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

MSNBC is giving up. The network of Al Sharpton is liberal — just as the country is under the influence of Barack Obama. But just as a majority of Americans aren’t happy with the Age of Obama – we find that almost none of them are watching liberal cable news.


TALKERS reports that the MSNBC remake will drop the “Microsoft” name — and Ed Schultz as well.

It’s hard to see how a network more focused on breaking news – like CNN – will need Rachel Maddow or Sharpton. It’s likely the entire liberal prime time will be refocused. This actually relates to what we call the “Trump Effect.” The politicians that run the country are out of tune with the people. The people did not want Obamacare –and a significant number did not want the Homosexual Agenda. Trump is speaking for a LOT of people while MSNBC has been speaking for just a few.

Here is the report from the TALKERS website:

Talk personality Ed Schultz’s days on MSNBC appear to be numbered as wholesale changes to the MSNBC cable channel are on the way. According to the New York Daily News, new NBC News chief Andrew Lack told staffers of both NBC News and MSNBC that he plans to rebuild MSNBC to focus on breaking news coverage and to be less of a left-leaning talk outlet. Lack also plans a name change for the network since Microsoft hasn’t been involved with the cable channel in years. Schultz’s “The Ed Show” is reportedly one of the shows slated for demolition as part of the re-build. Schultz ended his three-hour, daily syndicated AM/FM radio show in May of 2014 and currently does a one-hour, web-based radio program.

Video: An Ed Schultz sampler

MSNBC’s revamp could make waves.

Think about it this way: MSNBC is changing formats because it has been a cellar-dweller for years. MSNBC represents the viewpoint of some unknown percentage of the American people that is probably FAR below 50 percent.

FOX News appears to represent some number above 50 percent. FOX News is Number One even thought is it challenged by its own FOX Business News channel that also broadcasts a conservative primetime with shows like “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” — and by new networks such as the Blaze and Newsmax. That shows the strength of conservative (or, if you prefer, fair & balanced) reporting. FOX could dominate the category even more if FBN brings it numbers up.

Video: Schultz mans up and apologizes to Laura Ingraham for calling her a slut

Poor CNN.

Cable News Network may be affected by all this as well. Ostensibly a “breaking news” network, it has faltered with poor judgment of what people want to see – (such as hours on end of panels discussing a missing jetliner)!

Video: CNN never knew when to shut up about the missing jetliner as per this Don Lemon classic

CNN also has hosts as liberal as those on MSNBC – without admitting it. For example, Chris Cuomo is a member of a far left New York political dynasty and Paul Begala is on the Hillary Clinton payroll.

With MSNBC moving to “breaking news,” it will be more of a direct competitor to CNN and less of one to FOX News. So FOX will grow even stronger.

The Big Three.

If there is any media justice, the fallout should extend to ABC, CBS, and NBC. If the evening news shows’ managing editors have their eyes open, they should see that the total collapse of MSNBC means that liberal bias is not good for ratings or profits.

My guess is the new network will be called NBC News Channel. If so, NBC wants a cable net that will make it proud. That’s something it hasn’t had for years.

So long, MSNBC. Not that anyone will miss you.

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