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Issue #1393
by Jim Rose



The call letters in Ed Shane’s resume are a chronology of America’s top radio stations: KILT FM, KTRH-740, KPLX FM, KRBE FM, KKDJ FM, WIL-1430, WLAC-1510 and WWL-870.

Ed Shane (Photo:  Radio Ink)

Ed Shane (Photo: Radio Ink)

In addition to his Houston, TX radio stripes Ed Shane also is a Georgia radio veteran as former Program Director of WPLO FM. One of Houston, TX most admired and respected radio programmers and consultants, Ed Shane, passes away on Saturday, March 21, 2015 from colon cancer.

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MOTOWN COUNCILMAN REFUSES TO TALK WITH FOX NEWS Currently, the City of Detroit, MI is a bankrupt wasteland where it once flourishes with its auto producers’ mansions. Detroit City Council member George Cushingberry, Jr. declares that he will no longer speak to Fox 2 reporter M.L. Elrick. The Detroit News reports that the City Council member loses two houses to foreclosure and leaves them to be stripped, going bankrupt, plus his law license is suspended for taking a client’s money and providing no services.

GREAT WALL OF CHINA BLOCKS U.S. NEWS SERVICE The People’s Republic of China is the world’s most populous country with over 1.35 billion inhabitants. Previously, the Great Wall of China blocks The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg News sites. Reuters is the latest news site to suffer a China block. A Reuters statement reads: We recognize the great importance of news about China to all our customers, and we hope that our sites will be restored in China soon.

WINK RECEIVES ANOTHER HONOR wink-martindale-deck-of-cards-1965

Wink Martindale popular host of almost 20 TV game shows begins his radio career while still in high school on WPLI in Jackson, TN. We remember Wink as long time host of Tick-Tac-Dough on NBC TV from 1956 to 1959 and on CBS TV from 1978 to 1986. On June 2, 2006 Wink Martindale receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. On Friday, March 27, 2015 Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters presents Wink Martindale with the Art Gilmore Career Achievement Award in broadcasting.

TRIVIA QUESTION: What do the call letters KSO stand for? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Tammie S. Webb March 23rd. Kelly McClain March 27, 2015. •DUANE ALLEN, Joe Bonsall, William Lee Golden and Richard Sterban of The Oak Ridge Boys along with Jim Ed Brown and his sisters The Browns Maxine and Bonnie plus the late guitarist/fiddler Grady Martin induct into the Country Music Hall of Fame at LP Field during 2015 CMA Music Festival, June 11-14 in downtown Nashville, TN. •KXFN-1380 St. Louis, MO drops its xtreme talk radio format for Sports.


•1958 CBS LABS announce new stereophonic records on March 27th. •1965 ROGER MILLER’s single King Of The Road hooks #1 in Billboard Country on March 27th. •1972 VENERA 8 atmospheric probe launches to Venus on March 27th. •1981 EDDIE RABBITT’s Drivin’ My Life Away nabs a second Gold trophy on March 25th just 15 days after his first Gold single.

Video: Country Rock & Roll from the late, great Eddie Rabbitt

•1992 GERRY DUGGAN actor (Goldfinger – 1964) dies at 82 on March 27th. •2007 TIM MCGRAW’s album Let It Go releases on Curb records on March 27th.


RED JONES [2008 Georgia Radio Hall of Fame – retires from WKNG-1060 June 15, 2011 after 63 years in radio] (Carrollton-Tallapoosa, GA) Subject: Ed Shane. I guess you’ve gotten the word by now that Ed Shane has passed away. Don’t have any particulars. Ed was my first hire way back there when we put WKXI FM (later Q 94 and Star 94) on the air…back in the very early days of fm. Ed was a good man. His having been in Houston for a long time, am sure you’ve met him. Red Jones, Georgia Radio Hall of Fame

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JOANIE GREEN-GALLO [Longtime Houston, TX DJ/traffic reporter] (Tulsa, OK) Don’t know if you heard, but Ed Shane has passed away. KZEW radio crew is planning a reunion ~ coming up next month. They contacted me. I’m 50/50 on going ~ not sure if I can get away and make it to the event, but here are some details: KZEW Reunion Registration Main Event: Saturday, April 25, 2015 Location: Sundown at Granada (next to Granada Theatre) 3520 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX Time: 7:00 – 11:00p on rooftop deck (rain or shine) Cost: $45 per person. Includes heavy hors d’oeuvres buffet. Cash bar. I hope you find this interesting. The Zoo crew was a fun group. Joan

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CHUCK DUNAWAY [ex WABC-770, WKY-930, KILT-610, KLIF-1190] (Houston-Katy, TX) Subject: Ed Shane… When I met Ed he was consulting. I do not think I ever heard his air work. He and Pat were always very nice to me, but we never socialized.

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JAY WEST [KILT-610/KODA FM/KRIO-910] (Houston, TX) Subject: mia for past 3 months !!!! In early December, I was admitted to hospital for testing on why I could not swallow. It was fixed and was in hospital for one week. I don’t remember Xmas…or new years at all as I was suffering from severe dehydration…back to Hospital on Jan. 9th. They determined I had pneumonia. Still not breathing well…but ok. Following my two weeks in ICU, I was released to a Rehab hospital for a month (thru most of February)…and am now home trying to get used to being human again. Difficult, for sure. I have home health coming to the house 3 times weekly (f)or physical therapy. I hope all is well with everyone…and let me hear from you all… God bless !!!!– JAY WEST

TRIVIA ANSWER: On November 2, 1925 KSO (Keep Serving Others) goes on the air with 500 watts. On November 11, 1928 KSO moves to 1380 kc with 1,000 watts. In September 1932 KSO relocates to downtown Des Moines. On March 17, 1935 KSO’s frequency changes to 1460 kc. On December 20, 1938 KSO’s daytime power increases to 5,000 watts. In 1966 KSO spins Country music for 23 years. On September 11, 1989, KSO-1460 becomes KGGO. In 2001, Clear Channel flips KGGO to KXNO-1460 with the Fox Sports Network.

STEVE EBERHART [Eberhart Broadcasting-KVIL FM] (Dallas, TX) Hey Jim Just a slight correction on Jack Woods tenure at KLIF (1190). He was Charlie Brown first as the afternoon drive DJ at KLIF in the early 60’s. When Ron Chapman moved into the morning slot he was originally paired with Tom Murphy as “Murphy & Harrigan”. When Tom left Jack was moved to mornings with Chapman and the show began the first incarnation of “Charlie & Harrigan” in 1962 in KLIF Dallas. Over the years several different air talents played Charlie or Harrigan at KLIF and other stations. Jack Woods & Paul Menard had the longest run of any of the “C&H’s”…Legends! Steve Eberhart, Dallas

TOM HANKS [Forrest Gump – 1994] Momma always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

Jim Rose and Suzie
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

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