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Issue #1427
by Jim Rose




Female radio pioneer Shana LiVigni

Female radio pioneer Shana LiVigni

Shana born Margaret Reichl to German parents at Camp LeJeune Air Force Base in North Carolina picks up English by watching Saturday-morning TV cartoons. At Western Michigan University Kalamazoo she studies communications. Radio career begins on WIDR FM (89.1). On KWBB-1410 Wichita, KS she uses air name Margo. In 1974, as KFRC-610 San Francisco, CA’s first female DJ, PD Michael Spears names her Shana. On, Saturday, ‎July ‎20, ‎2015 Shana LiVigni passes away at 62 in Detroit, MI.

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On March 29, 1972 Elvis Presley enters Hollywood, CA RCA Studio C to record Wayne Carson’s wonderful ballad Always on My Mind and it becomes one of our all time favorite tunes. Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame member Wayne Carson writes many other hits, too. In 1943 [same year as my birth] he is born Wayne Carson Head in Denver, CO. Early Monday morning, ‎July 20, 2015 one of our favorite song writers Wayne Carson dies at 72 from congestive heart failure.

Video: Elvis does Carson song “Always On My Mind.

Video: The Box Tops do the Carson song “The Letter”

CUMULUS CUTS WESTWOOD ONE TO THE BONE On December 12, 2013 Cumulus closes on Westwood One [formerly Dial Global] for $260 million and merges it into Cumulus Media Networks. Cumulus acquires the $238 million cash from its sale of 53 radio stations in 12 small and mid-sized markets to Townsquare Media in November 2014. The giant slashes employees and uses talent from its radio stations in New York, Chicago, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Dallas to host WWOne’s 24/7 format.

CBS RADIO CLICKS RESET CBS Radio’s walls begin to tremble when new President Andre Fernandez proclaims its new pilots. Scott Herman, New York Market Manager/EVP of Operations moves on up to COO. Marc Rayfield replaces Scott as Market Manager for New York. As new SVP/Director of Sales, Baltimore manager Bob Phillips continues as its cluster honcho. Chris Olivero, Programming EVP, tacks on Research. Michael Weiss, President of Sales exits CBS Radio. Other changes too numerous to mention in this tiny space.

TRIVIA QUESTION: Who is Sam Spade? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Don Kotts & Parris Afton Bonds July 21st. Joe Ladd & Doreen Gray Saturday, July 25, 2015. •BERTRAND BERRY former Arizona Cardinals defensive star B-Train replaces The Herd with Colin Cowherd with Berry’s Off the Edge with B-Train 10:00 am – noon in August 2015 on Bonneville KTAR FM (Arizona Sports 98.7). •PEREZ HILTON partners with CBS Radio for his daily celebrity news feature, Radio Perez, syndicated by C Student Entertainment, in TX on KVIL FM Dallas and KKHH FM (Hot 95.7) Houston.


•1957 KTVC TV CBS CH 6 Ensign, KS begins broadcasting on July 24th. •1964 CONNIE SMITH debuts on Grand Ole Opry on July 18th. •1979 ARCHIE DUNCAN Scottish actor (Sherlock Holmes – 1954) dies at 65 on July 24th. •1989 RICKY VAN SHELTON’s Wild-Eyed Dream is his first Platinum album on July 24th. •1992 VICKERS VISCOUNT Mandala Airlines crashes into Lalaboy Mountain on July 24th 70 die. •2003 JOHNNY CASH’s remake of Nine Inch Nails’ Hurt grabs 6 nominations in MTV Video Music Awards on July 24th.


DAVE MICHAELS [WSAI-1360/KONO-860/KBUC FM] (Dayton-Huber Heights, OH) Subject: JIM—- Just read your fine Report. Phone call last night; a radio friend of mine has 3 months to live – “Cancer”. Makes me think about how fast your Life goes bye…It was a very good year Frank Sinatra! Back stage passes, Rides in Limos with Dolly, Kenny, and Willie and Joe Cocker and I drinking back stage…George and I drinkin’ in his touring Bus! Jack was a friend of his! Life goes on. Dave

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JAY WALKER [CBS Radio Dallas/KJKK FM/Infinity KTSA-550/KTFM FM/Jay Walker Prod] (Dallas-McKinney, TX) Subject: Shana KFRC, KHJ, KLOS, KROQ etc., passed away at age 62. Hi Jim Sad to report that San Francisco and LA talent “Shana” passed away last weekend in Detroit. Shana was the first female Top-40 air talent hired at KFRC and one of a handful of female talents in the majors in the 70’s. Back in 1974 when I was barely a teenager I worked with Shana at KWBB in Wichita, Kansas. Shana was hired by Paul Drew straight out of Wichita where she was known as “Margo at Night”. Michael Spears changed her name to “Shana” when she started overnights at the Big 610. She also worked for a number of legendary SOCAL stations including KHJ, KLOS, and KROQ. She was indeed a trail blazer in both Top-40 and Rock Radio. You and Suzy take care and stay cool. Jay Walker

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CHRIS KAYE [965TheX] (Houston, TX) Jim, No not the same Chris Kaye (KXOL-1360). I began in radio in 1979 at the age of 17 on KGOL in Lake Jackson, Texas. That station is now 107.5 The Eagle. Most of my career I worked in the Pittsburgh market. I have listen to you in Houston back in the day and I’m friends with Randy Kendrick. Best Regards, Chris Kaye

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BETTY KIRKPATRICK [former girlfriend] (San Antonio, TX) Hi Jim, I just wanted to say hi and hope all is good with you. I still see Bruce Hathaway fairly often. I would love to see you if you get to San Antonio. Betty BK

TRIVIA ANSWER: Sam Spade is a fictional private detective in Dashiell Hammett’s 1930 novel, The Maltese Falcon. On July 12, 1946 The Adventures of Sam Spade starring Howard Duff debuts on ABC Radio. In 1946, Sam Spade runs on ABC Radio for 13 episodes. From 1946-1949, on CBS Radio 157 cases. From 1949-1951, on NBC Radio, 51 exploits. During Sam Spade’s last two seasons, Steve Dunne stars in the title role.

Video: Bogart as Sam Spade

JIM MCCURDY [KRBC-1470; KNIT-1280; KORQ/KTLC-100.7; KRBC-TV News Anchor; KTAB-TV news anchor] (Austin-Cedar Park, TX) Subject: Terrestrial radio lives on. Jim, I thought this might be something that you’d find interesting? I received this on my Linked In site and thought you might want to share on JRRR? Best to you and Miss Suzie!! Jim http://observer.com/2015/07/radio-yes-terrestrial-radio-is-the-no-1-medium-in-terms-of-reach/#.VaU-vE1Y6zy.linkedin

FRANK SINATRA (Love Is Here To Stay – 1956) The radio And the telephone And the movies that we know May just be passing fancies and in time may go.

Jim Rose and Suzie
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

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