Bobby Vee & The Shadows filled in for Buddy Holly after the Day the Music Died

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Issue #1559
by Jim Rose



Bobby Vee

Bobby Vee


Born Robert Thomas Velline on April 30, 1943, raised in Fargo, ND Bobby Vee gets his big break at 15 in 1959. Bobby & The Shadows fill in for Buddy Holly at the Winter Dance Party tour after Holly dies in a plane crash near Clear Lake, IA. Vee’s career skyrockets with 38 singles in Billboard’s Hot 100 including Suzie Baby, Devil Or Angel and Take Good Care of My Baby. Early Monday morning, ‎October ‎24, ‎2016 Rock ’n’ Roll singing legend Bobby Vee dies at 73 from Alzheimer’s.

Video: Bobby Vee sings “Rubber Ball”

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About 11 am Monday, ‎October ‎24, ‎2016, Terre Haute, IN police make a well-being check of popular WFNB FM (92.7) DJ Matt Luecking. They find Matt lifeless in his Village Quarter apartment bedroom. Monday evening, authorities arrest 24 year old John Collins after he tries to use Matt’s bank card at Walmart, also Benjamin J. Selig, 28, of Rockville and Kathleen E. Featherstone, 25, loading things into Luecking’s Chevy Cobalt near Raccoon Lake in Parke County.


Remember when on January 1, 1984 the federal government breaks up telephone company monopoly? Each of the seven RBOCs still control local communications network. All that really changes is the name at the top of our bill. Cable TV begins as small-town tycoons. On Friday, July 24, 2015, AT&T buys satellite TV provider DIRECTV for $48.5 B. On Saturday evening, October 22, 2016 AT&T grabs Time Warner, owner of Warner Bros. movie studio, also HBO for $85.4B.

TWITTER MAY FLY AWAY How’s your Twitter? Everybody talks about Twitter. In 2015, a week after Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s co-founder who serves as interim chief executive, takes over as permanent CEO, Twitter lays off up to 336 employees, or about 8% of its workforce. On Monday, ‎October ‎24, ‎2016, Bloomberg reports Twitter may cut another 8% of its workforce or about 300 people. With a market cap of about $12.76 B and losses at about $400 M a year, prospective buyers say Twitter is too expensive.

TRIVIA QUESTION: What is the only song in the 1960s Rock Era to reach #1…twice? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Chuck Jewell October 28th. Bob Boudreaux October 29, 2016. •CLIFF & SHARON SHOW sign syndication agreement with Talent Farm on Country KBYB FM (101.7) Texarkana, TX/Hope, AR plus three stations in Alaska: Country KTKU FM (105.1) Juneau, Country KGTW FM (106.7) Ketchikan and AC KIFW-1230 Sitka. •ROGCO FAMILY I sells Classic Rock KXIT-1240 and K233BY FM (94.5 The Pulse) Dalhart TX to afternoon host Jesse Torres’ Double J Productions for $425,000.


•1959 BUFFALO BILLS enter AFL on October 28th. ‎•1960 PATSY CLINE records I Fall To Pieces during an afternoon session on November 16th at the Bradley Film & Recording Studio in Nashville, TN. •1974 JOAQUIN PHOENIX actor born on October 28th. •1980 ANNE MURRAY’s Could I Have This Dance rises to #1 in Billboard Country on November 15th. •1996 MOREY AMSTERDAM comedian (Dick Van Dyke Show) dies at 87 on October 28th. •2013 TYLER FARR’s single Redneck Crazy goes Platinum on October 28th.


RALPH GOULD [former engineer WBAP-570, KZEW FM, KNUS FM, WBBM TV] (Chino Valley, AZ) Subject: Please send your newsletter. Jim, I saw your archives on the old KNUS 99 site and found your homepage. I read several months of your blog and found it interesting along with some emails from guys I worked with. In some ways it seems like yesterday, in others long ago. I left KNUS about six months before McLendon sold it to work for McCurdy Radio in Chicago. Eventually, I ended up with WBBM TV about 5 years later and stayed in TV ever since. I see WBAP/ KXAS is no longer at the 1948 studios, when did NBC move out? What ever happened to Rupert Bogen after WBAP was sold and split up? He seemed to drop out of sight. I thought he was too young to retire at the time. Be sure and send answer and blog to I sent the request via my wife’s tablet and e-mail. Thanks, Ralph Gould

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DUANE ALLEN [Lead singer The Oak Ridge Boys] (Hendersonville, TN) Jim, We are afraid to slow down, it just might feel good!!!!!!! HaHaHa. Thanks for featuring our Christmas album this week. Hope to see you around the bend soon. Duane P. S. Tell Suzie that I have a charcoal Lab named “Blue Bell” for my favorite ice cream…and a silver Lab named “Halsey” for Jim Halsey. They have both just finished school, and are doing just great. We Texas men love our 4-legged friends.

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CHARLES GEORGE [KC5RAI, ex KCHU FM] (Dallas, TX) I think some just develop Talent better than others. Like I see drawings of certain radio personalities at several establishments, the food is good but over rated. Since if I know how to cook it costs less… Maybe not as good. I liked KXOL but it was harder to hear at my location on Howard Avenue in Dallas. Seems there was a station from Corpus Christi that could be heard. I think they both were owned by the same company. Now so many stations are playing R&B but not what I think is worth listening to. But I told a friend I did not like a certain restaurant because of how they exploit workers, she then asks about exploitation of customers. Interesting how Logic works… Like at times my HT performs better than my higher powered radios.

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JEFF MCCLAIN [ex KNUZ-1230, KENR-1070, KFMK FM, WNOE-1060] (Houston-Cleveland, TX) Yes Jim, I’m surprised the old (KULF-790/Central Bank) building is still standing. It’ll be gone before long and something new and shiny will replace it. Keep up the good work…Jeff McClain, Manager, KORG 95.3 FM, Cleveland’s Hometown Radio

TRIVIA ANSWER: On October 22, 1961, Chubby Checker performs The Twist and Let’s Twist Again on The Ed Sullivan Show. Both songs receive renewed radio airplay despite already being hits. Amazingly, The Twist goes all the way to #1 again, becoming the only song of the Rock Era to reach #1…twice (one week in 1960 and two weeks in 1962).

Video: Chubby Checker sings “The Twist”

PAT MCCUTCHIN [ex KHFI FM, KUT FM] (Austin-Georgetown, TX) Jim, I was hacked about two hours ago. Thank you for letting me know and disregard the request. Thanks for keeping me on the mailing list. I learn something every week from it. You are a jewel. Pat

KEVIN MITNICK [American Businessman] (August 6, 1963) Garbage can provide important details for hackers: names, telephone numbers, a company’s internal jargon.

Jim Rose and Suzie
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

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