The Politics of Race-Based Judges Democrats can always depend on left-wing judges when it comes to race.

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By Lynn Woolley

There was a time in Texas when we had a Republican in office. His name was John Tower and he was one of our United State senators. Strange as it seems, he was the ONLY Republican officeholder of any stature.

John Tower

Years went by and Texas politics changed.

Businesspeople, farmers, and even some minorities began to realize that Democrats were not acting in their interests. So some decades later, the Democratic Party was extinct as a statewide party.

They have been searching for a way back ever since.

Their chosen method of regaining power is through the courts. So when you see that two federal judges have thrown out three congressional districts due to racial issues – substitute the word “Democrats” for “Latinos,” and you’ll have a better picture of what’s taking place. That is to say, this is not about diluting the voting power of Latinos. It’s about Democrats.

The federal judiciary is the Democrats’ weapon of choice. 

Wendy Davis (Photo: Stewart F. House/Getty Images)

The Dems can’t seem to get any of their candidates elected in Texas – and that’s even with our four major metros, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin being reliably left-wing on election day. You’d think they would ask the obvious question:

What’s wrong with our candidates?

The fact that Wendy Davis was a single-issue gubernatorial candidate whose only claim to fame was her passion about killing the unborn is lost on them. Texas is a pro-life state –even if Planned Parenthood still manages to use the courts to stay open, and even if the big-city newspapers all use terms like “abortion rights” instead of the more accurate “pro-abortion.”

Illustration by Anneke Paterson / Todd Wiseman (Texas Tribune)

If the Democrats could just rediscover a modicum of compassion for the unborn child, they would win many more political races. But they are locked in on abortion, government-run healthcare, support for illegal immigration, and global warming – all left-wing lunacies that the general population of Texas isn’t going to vote for. At least not yet.

There is no Democratic version of Sen. Tower – and it may be a while before the Dems have anyone in a statewide office. So they always go back to their only source of success. The courts.

They can always depend on left-wing judges when it comes to race.

By a vote of 2 to 1, a panel of judges in San Antonio has thrown out three Texas congressional districts because (they ruled) that Republican legislators had deliberately tried to dilute Latino voting strength. The two judges that voted in the majority, Orlando Garcia and Xavier Rodriguez, accused the Republicans of:

“…Intentionally targeting Hispanic voter turnout and cohesion while advantaging Anglo cohesion and turnout is quantitatively different.”

Judge Orlando Garcia

That reads like gobbledygook, but it means that these two judge are using race to justify electing more Democrats. Substitute the word “Democratic” for “Hispanic” and “Republican” for “Anglo,” and you’ll get the judges’ true meaning.

It is an annoying factoid that Texas Hispanics vote for Democrats more than for Republicans. They vote as a bloc in some liberal areas of the state—giving a huge advantage to Democrats. And yet, the Dems STILL can’t win any major races.

Gerrymandering as we like it.   

Judge Xavier Rodriguez

You betcha the GOP gerrymanders the congressional districts. This is what the party in power does –and the Democrats were great at it.

Now that the Republicans have held power for decades and show do sign of relinquishing it, it has become fashionable to the big-city dailies to editorialize in favor of ending the practice.

I’m all for it. Let’s do it.

But let’s wait until the Dems are back in power and do it then. Note that the Republicans did not gain control of Texas due to gerrymandering; they did it in spite of gerrymandering. The Dems had been in total control. The Reps got in because they had better ideas.

Texas, under Republican rule, has thrived and prospered. If the Democrats use race-based judges like Garcia and Rodriguez to force their way back into relevancy, we risk our state becoming more like California.

And that would be a crying shame.

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