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Dec 5, 2014 1 Comment ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

But are they really racial in nature? I doubt it. To believe that all the latest incidents are just about race, you’d have to think that officer Wilson would not have shot a 300-pound white guy trying to get his gun. The officers in New York would not have force-arrested a white guy for selling loose smokes and breaking the city’s tax law. Or that Cleveland police would have acted any differently if the boy with the authentic-looking BB gun had not been black. Almost certainly, the answer is no. But to Al Sharpton, all this is a godsend. Sharpton is now the Obama administrations go-to agitator. He has a radio show and a platform on MSNBC. When times are bad in the black community, times are awesome for Sharpton. This man with the sordid past and big, uncollected tax bill is riding high.

Video: Sharpton holds news conference with Eric Garner’s family

Sharpton is crafty, shifty, and corrupt. Unlike Bill Cosby who has been convicted and damn near sentenced by Sean Hannity and much of the rest of the media, Sharpton gets a free pass. Cosby’s past has been laid bare – but most of the public has forgotten or never knew about the Tawana Brawley case, or Sharpton’s IRS problems. Newsmax Sharpton

This may be the real double standard.

Hannity, meanwhile should be ashamed of what he has done. Yesterday (12/4/14), Sean had one of Cosby’s accusers on the air. He began by telling her how much he believes her. Then she had unlimited time to tell her story. To her credit, she mentioned a few general times and specific places – but not enough for someone to check out her story.

Video: FOX News Channel’s “Hannity” takes on Cosby

I wanted to know if the dates and places worked out. Was Cosby in a certain city at the time she charged he was? Can we find witnesses? Corroboration? Or is Cosby guilty because Sean Hannity believes a women’s story? Even if Cosby is guilty, he has done more good for the black community than Obama and Sharpton together. But Sharpton is now MSNBC’s and Obama’s pride and joy – and he gets no scrutiny.

Something is wrong.

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  1. paintedfaces says:

    @ Unlike Bill Cosby who has been convicted and damn near sentenced by Sean Hannity and much of the rest of the media—- Hannity is one of the several reasons that fox is becoming boring, to myself anyway.

    He has the same old guest over and over – as do several of the fox news host.
    I can’t stand much more of Juan Williams— Either he is one of the dumbest damn people – even with his high mode of education Or his part is to be the one who argues the liberal side.
    Either way ,he’s boring.

    All of these people who have suddenly had mental problems over something they say-happened 40 years ago ?Its kind of hard to believe. All of them ,suddenly 40 years later ??? No can’t fall for that one.

    And when the Hollywood Attorney Gloria S.(whatever her last name is) shows up, things are going to get bitchy.
    And besides, there’s money possibly to be made.

    Even Hannity can become bitchy at times in my own mind.

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