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Eric Holder calls for “wholesale change” for Ferguson PD

by Lynn Woolley

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The Attorney General, who once called the United States “a nation of cowards” when it comes to race – told the Washington Ideas Forum that he stands by those remarks.

In Holder’s world, we still don’t talk about race enough. Holder does. He talks about it all the time. In fact, he’s obsessed with it. He suggested that there is a obvious need for big changes [2] at the Ferguson, Missouri police department – based on race. The need for changes is not apparent to those of us who have watched the Ferguson situation play out in the media. So Holder must know something we don’t. If the Ferguson PD is a playground for white racist cops, let’s see the evidence. Holder’s investigation is based on “ alleged patterns of racial discrimination” in a predominately white department. Being mostly white isn’t enough. Holder will have to show serious evidence — if he can.

The subtext of this is, of course, what will happen in Ferguson in mid-November when the grand jury makes the announcement about whether office Darren Wilson is indicted. Wilson shot and killed “unarmed” 18-year-old Michael Brown. The quotations marks are because some versions of the story say that Brown was fighting with Wilson to get the officer’s gun.

But back to Holder. What will our race-based attorney general say or do if Wilson is no-billed? Most people expect a few days of political unrest – and maybe a few more stores vandalized. But, even sadder than a citizenry that does not understand our justice system is an attorney general who uses it for purposes other than justice.

This will be a better country when Eric Holder is gone and little remembered. Holder and his boss are emblematic of the political ignorance in our country. Under them, everything is about progressive ideology based on emotion and a bizarre concept of social justice that has no bearing in fact.

Let’s all hope that the Ferguson grand jury decision is based on what happened, truth, and the law – and not emotion over skin color.