SXSW shaping up to be a Liberal Love Fest The giant festival wants to Keep Austin Weird -- and leaning left!

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By Lynn Woolley

The giant South by Southwest Festival is mindful of the host city’s slogan – Keep Austin Weird. So organizers are doing their part by taking the festival into full-scale left-wing political mode.

SXSW delves into music, film, sports and technology – and it’s always tilted leftward – but now the gloves are coming off.

In a statement, organizers say they are “alarmed” over President Trump’s immigration polices – especially his temporary ban on travel from seven countries that were identified as trouble spots by the prior administration. And so the festival that helped put Austin on the map is taking a cue from all the awards shows and from the musical “Hamilton” to throw its support behind the right of foreign nationals to break our immigration laws – and in some cases to do physical harm to our citizens. SXSW is squarely under the liberal bubble.

Austin and Lady Bird Lake

The statement from SXSW shows a failure to understand U.S. laws and the Constitution.

Here’s how the statement begins:

“SXSW is alarmed by the Trump administration’s decision to ban citizens of seven predominately Muslim countries from entering the U.S. We stand against discriminatory laws and unequivocally support civil rights for all persons everywhere. Participation by speakers, artists, filmmakers from around the world is crucial to the creative mix of ideas that makes our event meaningful.”

Oh, so? SXSW is definitely hooked up with the right city. Left-wing Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez has no regard for the law either. But shall we answer this politically correct statement point by point?

1. President Trump’s decision to put in place a temporary ban is the keeping of a campaign promise that helped to get him elected. The American people are tired of seeing our citizens killed or injured in attack after attack and said ENOUGH!
2. I disagree with the seven named countries as well. I would have added several others including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates, where the nineteen 9/11 hijackers came from.
3. Standing against discriminatory laws does not mean that you can ignore them. George W. Bush and Barack Obama both failed to enforce our immigration laws. President Trump correctly intends to enforce them. If SXSW officials disagree with the laws, they can work to have them changed in Congress. That’s how we do things in America.
4. Good for them for supporting civil rights for people all over the world. The seven “banned” countries have very few civil rights and almost none for women – and yet SXSW (like all liberal outfits) is silent on that matter.
5. SXSW has hundreds of other countries to choose from for this one year. The ban will not be permanent. SXSW can withstand a minor inconvenience to protect the citizens of Austin from what happened at the Boston Marathon.

SXSW is part of liberal groupthink. 

Austin during SXSW

Conservatives often disagree but liberals typically are in lockstep. Here is a brief sample of what they consider sacrosanct:

• They believe in “a woman’s right to choose” to kill her unborn child.
• They believe that the climate is changing and it’s worth trillions to affect the average temperature by a tenth of a degree.
• They believe in multiculturalism, diversity, and therefore open borders rather than unity and national culture.
• They believe in the government rather than in the individual.
• They believe the Constitution is a “living document” except when it needs to be dead to further their agenda.
• They believe the Constitution somehow imbues rights to people in seven countries that Trump banned.
• They believe that they should totally respect adherents of a “religion” that shout Allahu Akbar before they blow us up.
• They believe that all cultures are exceptional. Except ours.

Liberal groupthink is expanding among organizations – not among the people.

Let’s see here. Among those organizations that have fallen in line with left-wing radicalism are:

• The National Basketball Association
• The National Football League
• The National Collegiate Athletic Association
• The Big Twelve (and other sports leagues)
• The Academy Awards (motion pictures)
• The Golden Globes (motion pictures)
• The Emmy Awards (television)
• The Grammy Awards (recording industry)
• The Democratic National Committee (DNC)
• The Public Schools
• Colleges & Universities
• “Hamilton”

Ah, but Donald Trump was elected precisely because he did not agree with these organizations.

To attend or not to attend.

Not being a liberal, I just ignore these groups for the most part. John Lennon was an avowed socialist – yet his music with the Beatles and afterward was amazing – far better than anything being recorded today. Even “Imagine” is a good song – except for its goofy lyrics that are beyond stupid.

I won’t go to SXSW. I never have. It has nothing to do with its long-time left-leaning stance. It has to do with traffic and parking. Austin is my favorite city in Texas but it has two problems: too many liberals and too few parking spaces. It’s best to stay away during SXSW and ACL.

Still, who wants to go to SXSW and hear their slate of left-wing speakers? They’ve welcomed Al Gore (Captain Climate), the late Gov. Ann Richards and even President Barack Obama. To be fair, they’ve also featured Sen. Rand Paul who has some conservative views. Still, on balance, the speech from the podium is from the Left. I get enough of that just watching TV.

Unlike the NFL and other sports leagues, I don’t see any blowback for SXSW. It’s a gathering of liberals in a liberal city. It’s an even where like-minded people can all agree on allowing illegal aliens to break our laws – and radical Muslims having the right to come over here and kill Americans.

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