All-Female showing of Wonder Woman in Austin makes you Wonder How can they do this when the entire political positioning of the Left is based on “inclusion?”

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Jun 7, 2017 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

I’ve been scratching my head about a couple of women-only screenings of Wonder Woman at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin when I saw an amazing paragraph in the Austin American Statesman. It read:

“As the theater’s second showing was starting, one man appeared to walk into the theatre to be seated. It was unclear if he or she identified as a female.”

Well, that’s pretty inclusive.

If I’m understanding, an obvious male walks in and is seated. The Statesman refers to him as “he or she” and wonders if he or she (an obvious man) identified as a female. This is today’s Left. Remember, Hillary Clinton didn’t run for president on issues; she ran on her identity as a female.

So this is what today’s Democrats have become. You can’t see this showing of Wonder Woman if you’re not a woman. That is unless you’re a man but say you’re a woman.

There are two points here. 

Lots of Wonder Women showed up in Austin for the all-ladies screenings. (Austin American Statesman)

The first point is that there ISN’T a point to an all-female showing if anyone can claim to be a female and walk right in – as this man is reported to have done.

But the rules of political correctness hold that if a man claims womanhood – he must be referred to as “she” and referenced in left-wing featurepapers as a woman. This is true even if he has protruding package and beard stubble.

So how can the Left stage a female-only anything – if anybody can claim to be female, and get in? The Left is bizarre.

The second point is the whole issue of “inclusion.” Let me state for the record, that the Alamo Drafthouse, as a business, should be allowed to hold an all-girl screening if it wants to. I don’t object legally or emotionally. They should be able to do it.

But how can they when the entire political positioning of the Left is based on “inclusion?” We are told that we must accept illegal immigrants because of inclusion. Me must accept refugees from the Middle East (even if some are terrorists) because of inclusion. This is the entire principle on which President Trump is opposed by the left-wing judiciary on his proposed travel ban.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (2017)

Why, then, is the Alamo Drafthouse not “welcoming?”

Your local school superintendent will tell you that his or her ISD is “welcoming” to all students – even those that can’t speak a word of English and are in the country illegally. The hospital emergency room cannot legally turn them away.

This is all in the name of “diversity” – a left-wing religion. Except when it isn’t.

Another tenant of the left is group identity.

Hillary Clinton ran on group identity. Identity groups based on race are going to court to challenge Texas’ new Sanctuary City Law. Austin – home of the two Wonder Woman gender identity screenings – has a city code specifically prohibiting movie theaters from discrimination based on race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identification or other factors. The Austin ordinance covers all the progressive talking points on group identity.

And yet, The Alamo Drafthouse broke the admittedly silly law – and even allowed the League of Women Voters to hand out voter registration forms. That turned what, by all accounts, is a fairly good movie, into a political event with men barred.

Except for that dude who somehow got past the gender police and was seated. I’ll bet even he or she is wondering how that happened.

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