Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is the new face of Lex Luthor Trump wants to make America great again – but both Luthor and Bezos seem to want to rule the world.

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by Lynn Woolley

President Donald Trump is said to be obsessed with Jeff Bezos, the technology magnate that gave us Amazon and killed the neighborhood bookstore. It’s interesting that Trump, a billionaire, rose to become President of the United States.

Bezos & Trump (Getty Images)

Lex Luthor, perhaps in the top two most recognizable comic books villains – the Joker would be the other one – also rose to the presidency.

So what does mean for the future of Bezos?

Trump is famous for his hair, while Luthor has none. Bezos is folically challenged as well, and the resemblance to many incarnations of Luthor is unmistakable. Trump wants to make America great again – but both Lex Luthor and Jeff Bezos seem to want to rule the world.

There is no doubt that Bezos, the world’s richest human, is on his way to accomplishing that goal. If he isn’t stopped, he may become president.

Lex Luthor from Supeman the Animated Series

Lex Luthor through the ages.

Luthor was created as a Moriarty-type for Superman by Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster and first appeared in Action Comics #23, April 1940.

Coincidentally, as I write this, Action Comics is about to publish issue #1000 – a first for any comic book. It’s beyond doubt that more issues of that comic have pitted Luthor against Superman than any other villain.

When I was young, in what is now referred to as the Silver Age of Comics, Luthor was characterized as an evil genius – the smartest scientist and inventor on earth. Sometimes his motive was wealth, but more often it was power.

It took all Superman had to defeat him – but he did it over and over.

Luthor’s baldness was explained in an early Superboy story as having occurred during a failed experiment, after which young Lex blamed Superboy for what happened. [Luthor’s baldness actually happened due to an art error; his earliest appearances had him with bright red hair!]

NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 28: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Later, in the eighties, writer/illustrator John Byrne updated the character, turning him from a super-genius into being super rich. Bezos wasn’t making waves yet, but Trump was – and so was Ted Turner. So they served as Byrne’s inspirations. Luthor became a corporate villain.

In more modern times, Luthor used his vast wealth to become POTUS – on a platform of technological advancement.

He put a moratorium on fossil fuels – so he must have been a Democrat. In later storylines, Luthor serves three years before being removed from office. Oops. Will that Be Trump’s fate – or that of Bezos?

Yes, folks, Jeff Bezos could become President – just like Luthor.

Face it. One of the major qualifications for becoming POTUS is having a lot of money and Bezos has more of it than any other single person. He could use his fame and vast wealth to run – and win. He might even run on a platform of technological advancement and he might, if elected, put a moratorium on fossil fuels. Gulp!

Yes, Mr. Bezos is bald.

And he’s BALD!

At an early age, he showed great proficiency with technology like Luthor did. Just as Luthor created super-weapons, Bezos created an online superstore.

Luthor defeated all opponents (except Superman), and Bezos is winning battles against giant retailers like Walmart and Barnes & Noble. Already, he’s all but killed off bookstores. Now, as the new owner of Whole Foods, he may try to dominate that field.

Any time Bezos makes a buy (like the Washington Post or Whole Foods) entire industries tremble.

He has the cash to buy what he wants.

On March 6, 2018, Bezos was officially designated the wealthiest person on earth with a net worth of $112 billion. That’s more than Warren Buffet, Carlos Slim, or Bill Gates and much more than President Trump – who is pretty darn rich himself.

Bezos or Luthor? It’s Kevin Spacey as Luthor from “Superman Returns”

Will be become president?

If he were a DC Comics character, he would. We’ve seen that. In the real world, he may! Why not? He’s been touting HQ2 for months now, and American cities are lined up and bowing to him, begging him to put his second headquarters in their towns along with a promised $5 billion in investments and 50,000 new jobs.

Most of those cities would be far better off to tell him to get lost. His original Seattle headquarters has a vast effect on that city and it’s not always positive. What Bezos wants, Bezos gets.

Bezos appears to be a liberal. He has supported Democrats for office and the fully supports the LGBT agenda and gay marriage. His PAC gives to both parties – a way that many companies hedge their bets.

The animated Lex was a lot like Telly Savalas — and he’s bald!

But will he? If he wants to, could he be stopped? Rich people have run and lost many times – but no one with Bezo’s money has run. Remember, though that President Luthor only served three years and was removed in disgrace and bankruptcy.

That could happen again. But who will be the real-world Lex Luthor? Will it be Donald Trump? Or Jeff Bezos? Only time will tell.

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