What did the President know about Hillary’s server & when did he know it? Apparently, Obama knew everything and willingly particpated.

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Sep 28, 2016 1 Comment ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

Why isn’t this the biggest story in the land?

In the FBI Friday document dump, it was revealed that President Obama used an alias to email Hillary Clinton through her private server. But the President had told the American people he found out about the server in news reports. So he not only participated in the private server scheme, but he also lied to the American people about it.

This is the kind of thing that brought Richard Nixon down.

The Wall Street Journal – no fan of special prosecutors – says one may be needed due to the fact that established legal officials cannot do the job. We have predicted in this space that Hillary, if elected, will be impeached and removed. With the involvement of President Obama, this scandal now becomes a constitutional crisis. The media went after Nixon. It protects Clinton – and now Obama.



The scandal that keeps on growing.

So far, this scandal has involved Hillary’s attempt to keep anyone from knowing about her fundraising efforts for the Clinton Foundation. Maybe that statement is wrong, but a private server to hide mails about yoga classes and Chelsea’s wedding seems over the top – even for the Clintons.

And it has been about the disappointment that came from a well-respected FBI Director who laid out an airtight case and then failed to follow up on it. Director James Comey appeared before a House committee (Sept. 28) to explain yet again.

But there are other things going on. The FBI – in a late Friday document dump – disclosed several immunity deals for top Clinton aides. They include:

• Cheryl Mills – a lawyer and former HRC chief of staff.
• Heather Samuelsson – a senior advisor.
• John Bentel – directed the State Department’s Office of Internal Management.
• Bryan Pagliano – Mrs. Clinton’s IT guy.
• Paul Combetta — An employee of Platt River Networks which housed the Clinton server.

The idea, apparently, was to grant immunity in return for the employees turning over their laptops. But the FBI could have simply gone to court to obtain warrants for the laptops. The FBI apparently made no further demands for transparency in return for the immunity.

And now we find out that the President of the United States was part of the cover-up.

Obama must have known that using Hillary’s home server was wrong – because he used a pseudonym to send his emails. (Remember, Obama had an early lesson in national security when he tried to keep his BlackBerry.)   Therefore, he is implicated.

That means this:

Unless Comey was willing to pursue this scandal all the way to the Oval Office – essentially creating another Watergate – he could not indict Hillary Clinton. To indict Hillary would have been to expose Obama as part of the cover-up. Comey did not go there.

We’ve been wondering why Comey revealed such an amazing case against Hillary – but did nothing. Was it because the Clintons have something on him? Was it because of a deal made between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch when they met on a plane? It seems to be simpler than that. Comey works for Obama and he decide not to go after his boss.

What did the President know about Hillary’s server & when did he know it?

It would difficult to understate the amount of media coverage this story would be getting if Republicans were the party in power. But the FBI, now totally political and fully compromised, dumped the papers on a Friday afternoon – and they have faded to black.

So has what passes for justice in the United States of America.


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  1. SARJames says:

    Interesting. You mentioned Comey works for Obama and didn’t want to go after his boss. Gee, wouldn’t it be nice if instead he worked for the American People. Oh well, I Guess We The People, means nothing.

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