Texas District 55 race, Molly White vs Hugh Shine, turns violent. The case should go to court.

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Feb 27, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley
Updated with new video on 2/29/16

Molly-White-and-Hugh-Shine-Campaign-PhotosThis is my local Texas State House race. As a talk radio host, I typically stay neutral in such campaigns — but I always urge the participants to keep it clean and stick to the issues. They did not hear what I said, or they thought I said — let’s conduct this campaign in a pigsty and get as dirty as we can. On Friday it went past dirty and into open confrontation.

This may not be as bad as the John Wiley Price – Dwaine Caraway fight in Dallas over a county commissioner post. That one happened on the air. But it’s not pretty.

I have scoured the internet for videos related to this event — and am posting what I found here.

Video: Published on Feb 26, 2016 — David Huber, a campaign manager for State Rep. Molly White, released this video of an altercation with political opponent Hugh Shine.

UPDATE 2/29/16: The White campaign issues a “full, unedited video” of the incident. You can see it here:

The Temple Daily Telegram also posted the District 55 debate at Tenroc which was moderated by me. I suggest that you pay more attention it, since I asked serious questions — some of which they obviously did not like. That’s just fine. If they were pleased with all the questions, it would not not have been much of a debate.

Video: Published on Jan 20, 2016 — Rep. Molly White and Hugh Shine, candidates for Texas House District 55, speak during a forum in Salado.

The Friday confrontation seems to be a turf war over setting up tents to nab a few voters on their way into the polling place. Since this was public property, whichever campaign got there first has the high ground. I do not know which one that was. Mrs. White has stated that charges will be filed against Mr. Shine. I hope it goes to court and we can find out through testimony and evidence what happened.

File the charges and let’s see. If the White camp can prove that it was assault — prove it. If Mr. Shine’s camp can prove it was a setup — prove it! The only way to stop these kinds of campaigns is for somebody to pay a price. The only way to do that is to take the matter to court.

On Tuesday, either Molly White or Hugh Shine will win the seat. Personally, I think that the race has been such an embarrassment that I will be glad when it is no longer in the news.


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