State Department joins Justice Department and FBI in protecting Hillary Yet another illegitmate agency.

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By Lynn Woolley

Our government is literally falling apart. It is inconceivable that we can maintain “a government of laws and not men” with the people now in charge. Hillary Clinton’s hijinks with her family charity are of utmost importance in the current election.

No matter. 

US News

US News

The State Department says it can’t produce all of Hillary Clinton’s daily calendars – until December—safely after she may already be president elect. The Department is under a court order from U.S. District Judge Richard Leon to produce specific percentages of the calendars every 30 days. What’s released so far is damaging to Hillary’s campaign. The Associated Press analysis shows that more than half the people she met with had donated to the Clinton Foundation –and then got easy access to Secretary Clinton. Judge or no judge, the State department is protecting her.

Judge Richard Leon

Judge Richard Leon

The “Liberal” Associated Press deserves its due.

For years, I’ve raged against the bias of the AP – but now, my hat is off. No other news outfit is digging into Hillary Clinton’s obvious conflict of interest in which the Clintons appear to have been trading access to her as Secretary of State and as a possible future president in exchange for massive donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Something is up at the AP – and WBDaily hopes it is a case of journalists actually doing their jobs. Whatever it is, we are grateful. The corruption of Secretary Clinton is legendary, but so many people don’t see it. They will vote for her because she would be the first woman president.

The truth should come out before the election.

It should come out before early voting – a left-wing idea that gets votes in the can before there can be an October surprise. To its credit, the AP is trying. But with Obama sitting in the Oval Office, Loretta Lynch running the Justice Department, and James Comey heading up the FBI, the country may be sunk.

We lost the Supreme Court to illegitimacy the Day Chief Justice John Roberts rewrote Obamacare form the bench – a power not granted him by the Constitution. We lost the Justice Department when Eric Holder failed to prosecute the Black Panthers for voter intimidation in Philadelphia and did not prosecute Lois Lerner and others in the IRS targeting of conservative groups. We lost the FBI when Director Comey laid out a magnificent case against Hillary Clinton in the server scandal and then refused to seek indictment.

Now, we’ve lost the State Department.  Hillary emails not turned over

It’s gone as far as legitimacy is concerned – now part of the inside-government protective cocoon around Hillary Clinton. The AP has asked Judge Leon to force the release if the calendars before Election Day. Unless he intervenes, the State Department will take until December 30th.

Saul Alinsky would be proud.

Alinsky once said he hoped to go to Hell when he died, and that he would organize it. Maybe he made it there and maybe he did organize it. That’s what it feels like in America today when all our top governmental agencies are hell-bent on forcing through the election of Hillary Clinton no matter how corrupt she is or how many laws they have to ignore.

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