Republicans push for new investigations into the Clintons Democrats have started “a war of investigative attrition.”

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By Lynn Woolley

Democrats have started “a war of investigative attrition.” That’s a quote from Rep. Steve King of Iowa and here’s what it means. If the Democrats want to use a microscope to look at everything Trump has ever done, Republicans can play that game too.

Bill & Hill

In my own mind, it goes far beyond that. It’s a matter of justice.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have always had a unique talent for pushing ethical lines to the max and even breaking through them. But the Clintons never face consequences. Even when impeached for perjury, Bill Clinton slithered free.

In this current environment, there are several questionable activities that bear investigation – so why should all the scrutiny be centered on Trump? Several prominent Republicans feel that way too, and are calling for a second special counsel to look into various activities of the Clintons.

It’s about time.

Democrats have brought this on Bill and Hillary their fervor to remove Trump.

This goes back to Rep. King’s comment. The Democrats are NOT concerned with Trump’s campaign being involved in collusion with the Russians. The Russian collusion meme is a means to an end – removing Trump form office by impeachment or resignation.

For that reason, they are determined to investigate to end of time if that’s what it takes to find something – anything—that will help them reach their goal of removing Trump. But Trump hasn’t broken any law that we know of and hasn’t colluded with the Russians so far as any public knowledge goes.

Yet Trump is being investigated. Something is wrong here.

The Clintons, on the other hand, have a long list of criminal or possible criminal activity that is being ignored. Among them:

• Hillary Clinton’s unprotected home server & missing emails
• The unmasking of identities of Trump campaign officials by Susan Rice and others in the Obama administration
• The meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch & Bill Clinton at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix
• Former FBI Director Comey’s testimony that Lynch directed him to call the Clinton email investigation a “matter”
• Possible influence peddling by the Clinton Foundation
Bill Clinton’s $500,000 payday from a speech delivered in Russia
• The Russian Uranium deal signed off on by Secretary of State Clinton

There are many other matters that might be investigated, but these are the main ones that relate to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Loretta Lynch (Associated Press/File)

Where it stands.

Rep. Devin Nunes of California is still Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, even though Mike Conaway of Midland is running the investigation into Russia. Nunes has continued working on a parallel investigation about the “unmasking” by Obama’s Deep State.

Nunes wrote a letter to Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats fingering one Obama loyalist that may have made “hundreds” of unmasking requests.

The House Judiciary Committee drafted and approved a resolution recently regarding Hillary’s emails. Some Republicans on that committee wrote the Justice department to ask for a second special counsel to investigate “Servergate” as well as other matters related to the Obama administration –likely such things as using the IRS to go after conservative groups. The Republicans wrote:

“The American public has a right to know the facts – all of them – surrounding the election and aftermath.”

This addresses a Washington-based attitude that, since Hillary Clinton lost the election, her case should be closed. That appears to be the companion Washington-think to the idea that Trump and his associates should be investigated until there is a reason to remove the sitting president. Both of these thoughts are bullcrap.

Only in Washington could someone escape justice simply by losing an election. And only in Washington could there be a never-ending investigation designed to target one official – and destroy him at any cost.

Politics should not be politicized. Unlike Democrats, most Republicans have no desire to ruin a political opponent because of his or her ideas. Law-breaking is a different matter. With regard to the all-out investigation of President Trump, the train has left the station. If Mr. Trump has broken any law, the Democrats will demand his head on a platter.

All I ask is the same standard for Bill and Hillary Clinton.

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