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Oct 25, 2017 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

We have a lot of dots to connect.

I’m not going to attempt to connect them, but to lay out some facts – and some comments about revelations that should have been obvious. The latest big story is that the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid for the continuing investigation now known as the “Russian Dossier,” or the “Golden Showers Dossier.”

Hillary & the Donald — who colluded?

But think back. We’ve known for a long time that Republicans started this. When Trump wrapped up the Republican nomination, other interests continued to pay for the investigation.

Who did we think it was? Of course it was Hillary and Debbie Wasserman Shultz. Perhaps other revelations are more interesting – such as the story that special counsel Robert Mueller is now investigating Tony Podesta, brother of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta.

A look at the dots.

Here are the latest stories that have been getting a lot of play on FOX News and Talk Radio and almost none on CNN and MSNBC.

• The Clinton Campaign helped pay for work on the Russian Dossier.
• Robert Mueller now investigating Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta.
• Dirt-digging firm Fusion GPS pleads the Fifth Amendment.
• Democrats, led by Rep. Adam Schiff, works to protect Fusion GPS.
• Russia may be at the heart of a bribery scheme over U.S. uranium.

Dots – and how to connect them. And there is yet another aspect of all this: The scandal related to the unmasking of certain people inside the Trump circle by people like Susan Rice and Samantha Power.

Unanswered questions.

The Russian Dossier is (according to your viewpoint or what you’re reading at the time), unsubstantiated, proof of Russian collusion by Trump, proof that Trump is a pervert, proof that Hillary was also compromised by the Russians, a great place to start proving [something], totally debunked, mostly true, or proof that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are bona fide cads.

Video: The Rush Limbaugh Show 10/25/17 | Clinton Campaign and DNC Paid for the Phony Trump Dossier

On Wednesday (October 25, 2017) both Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity were telling their audiences that the entire dossier is untrue. Frankly, I doubt that. I stress that I do not know. But the dossier is not kind to Hillary Clinton, by many accounts. So if she paid for it through her campaign, she was also digging dirt on herself.

On the other hand, some of the more salacious claims made in the dossier (that Trump consorted with prostitutes in Russia, and hired them to defile the bed that the Obamas had once slept in at a posh Moscow hotel) seem over the top. Most likely, there is some truth to the dossier. But there may not be much of it.

As bad as it made Trump look, assuming you believe any of it, it made Hillary Clinton look pretty awful too. One of the claims is that Russia had gathered compromising material on Hillary including bugged conversations during her trips to Russia. Nothing about hiring prostitutes, but apparently the dossier shows that Hillary’s private views were far different from her public ones.

If the dossier turns out to be a paragon of truth, both the 2016 presidential candidates were sleazy. If it turns out to be totally made up, as some talk radio hosts are saying, then it falls to us to keep connecting dots.

Video: Hannity – Tuesday, October 24 | Clinton campaign, DNC paid for anti-Trump dossier research

Here’s what’s damaging to Hillary about the news that her campaign paid for the dossier.

Note that Debbie Wasserman Schultz was DNC chair at the time, and she has had a very public scandal related to her IT staff. Is that scandal relevant here? Don’t know. But probably. Note, also, that Schultz was complicit in collusion with the Clinton camp to undermined her Democratic opponent Bernie Sanders. The Clintons have always been ruthless – and this campaign was no exception.

And so it was that Marc Elias, a lawyer for the Clinton campaign and the DNC retained Fusion GPS after as-yet unnamed Republicans dumped the company. (Maybe it was Jeb Bush? John McCain? Ted Cruz? There are lots of people in the GOP that wanted to stop Trump.)

Elias and his law first based in Seattle (Perkins Coie), was paid $5.6 million in legal fees starting in June of 2015 and the DNC paid out another $3.6 million. We don’t know how much of that was related to Fusion GPS and it’s dirt digging. What we do know if that when House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes tried to get to the bottom of what Fusion GPS was doing, the company came under the protection of Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff.

When Fusion execs came to testify, they were grilled by Florida Rep. Tom Rooney – and they pleaded the 5th! Note that you can plead the 5th to avoid self-incrimination, but not to protect others. These guys took the 5th on every question asked. The Democrats were not present – but their staffs were – and the staffers stopped the questioning, charging that there as badgering of the witnesses.

Where is Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation in all this?

That’s a nifty question. We know that brother Bill had a $500,000 payday for a speech in Moscow in 2010. That’s good even at his prices! He also sought clearance to meet with a key honcho of Rosatom – the Russian Nuclear Energy firm. This was back when the Obama administration was looking at approving that controversial Uranium One deal. That’s the Canadian company that’s now under investigation by the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Vlad & Bill

We don’t really know who Clinton got permission to meet with – but we know that he did meet up with Russian President Vladimir Putin at Putin’s private residence. We know that deal went through (with approval of CIFUS, a government agency that approves or disapproves transactions by foreign government inside the U.S.) and that 20 percent of U.S. uranium was shifted to Russian control. The Hill recently reported it as a massive bribery scheme. The conservative group Citizen’s United has been working to obtain additional information about the deal as it relates to the Hillary Clinton State department and the Clinton Foundation. The Hill reported that nine Uranium One investors gave the Clinton Foundation some $145 million.

Comey, Mueller and the Clintons.

Where the Clintons go, they leave a trail of sleaze. Former FBI Director James Comey is starting to look suspicious himself. He was involved in some way in the Scooter Libby investigation, the Hillary Clinton server scandal and the current Russian collusion story.

The Wall Street Journal’s Peter Berkowitz writes that Comey, along with special counsels Patrick Fitzgerald and Mueller have been going easy of Democrats while throwing the book at Republicans. They attacked the Bush administration and set up Libby, knowing that the real culprit in that case was Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage.

They have conducted an intimidation raid on former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manfort’s house in an obvious attempt to turn him against Trump. But Comey apparently prepared his exoneration of Hillary Clinton before the investigation was completed and never put her under oath. That leads to questions about where all this is going.

When the dots are all connected…

Who will come out ahead? Right now, it looks like the Democrats have overplayed their hand and that Hillary was engaged in a smear campaign that her side paid for. But not so fast. The Clintons have been trapped in a corner before and they always emerge unscathed. If there is ANYTHING in that dossier that reflects badly on trump, CNN and the rest of the anti Trump media will beat it to death with endless coverage and on-air panels. It will have to be really bad before they will turn on Hillary.

I suspect that most of the Uranium One story is going to make the Clintons and the Obamas look bad – but not much else. Sleaze is often legal. The Podesta story seems to be in the hands of Mueller – but there’s almost no coverage on a story that NBC News broke. Not even on NBC. For anything to come of it, Mueller will have to be proven a stand-up guy and that looks unlikely.

As for the dossier, I still have concerns that some of it may be true. If it is – especially the parts about Trump – then what? Trump’s peccadilloes can never equal those of the Clintons – yet, he might be impeached and removed, as Bill never was.

If the parts about Hillary are true – so what? It’s a well-known fact that the Clintons are liars and sleazebags, so nothing much will change. It’s just that we’ll know a lot more about how corrupt our national leaders really are.

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