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By Barrack

“Don’t focus on the words of people not on the committee use; focus on the actions of those of us who’ve been on the committee…” – TreyTOR Gowdy on comments made by Rep. Kevin McCarthy (in video below)

Saying that the Benghazi committee is having the effect of harming Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers were words uttered by a congressman not on the committee. Endorsing a possible Republican opponent to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential race is an action taken by that committee’s chairman.

House Benghazi Committee Chairman Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) told us he was outraged when House Republican Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) suggested in an interview that the Committee was effectively driving Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers down. Gowdy indignantly insisted that the committee’s work was non-partisan and that McCarthy ‘screwed up’ by implying it wasn’t.

In the clip below, McCarthy’s comments are played prior to Gowdy commenting on them:

Then, last week Gowdy endorsed Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) for President. As such, TreyTOR Gowdy diminished not only his own credibility relative to the Committee but the credibility of the Committee itself. Why on earth would the chairman of the most politically charged Congressional committee publicly endorse a Republican candidate who would face off against the woman at the heart of that committee’s investigation?

Moreover, why would he do it now, before the election year is even here?


Gowdy, a former federal prosecutor, has maintained for months that he’s running a fair and impartial investigation that has nothing to do with politics. He abstained from some campaign events and fundraisers, and distanced himself from political comments made by fellow Republicans about his probe — largely out of concern that it could tarnish the Benghazi investigation’s integrity and give Democrats fodder to argue that it’s a partisan witch hunt.

Those efforts, he and his allies have acknowledged, didn’t protect him from accusations of partisanship and attacks from the left on his panel’s credibility. The complaints reached a crescendo in the weeks leading up to Clinton’s marathon appearance before his panel in October.

Now he appears to be casting aside that caution, plunging into the 2016 campaign. A Gowdy spokesperson noted that the lawmaker still refuses to campaign on the topic of Benghazi and argued he is keeping the two issues separate.

On at least one level, the claim by Gowdy that he can keep the two issues ‘separate’ is irrelevant. We’re talking about politics. What McCarthy said wasn’t untrue, it just shouldn’t have been said in the political arena. Gowdy must know that an endorsement of any Republican nominee for president against the woman at the center of the Benghazi hearings – who is the likely Democrat nominee – would have the same effect.

Gowdy endorsing Rubio politicizes Benghazi Committee.

Gowdy endorsing Rubio politicizes Benghazi Committee.

Gowdy should be going out of his way to avoid even the potential of impropriety on his part. He didn’t do that. Why is endorsing Rubio more important to Gowdy than keeping the Benghazi committee’s work above reproach?

The Republican Establishment is Desperate, that’s why
In light of how McCarthy’s words damaged the Benghazi committee’s work, Gowdy should be going out of his way to avoid exacerbating the politicization that arose from those words. That he is not shows how misplaced his priorities are.

Rubio has become the Republican establishment’s Plan B candidate as a result of the increasingly poor performance of Jeb Bush. At that, Rubio is still not gaining the kind of traction to surpass the two front runners who are garnering the majority of conservative support – Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Over the last few years, Gowdy has done very well at ingratiating himself with conservative voters who’ve seen a fight in him not much seen in Washington.

Gowdy with Westmoreland - who knows all about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration - over his shoulder.

Gowdy with Westmoreland – who knows all about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration – over his shoulder.

In addition, Gowdy’s from a key primary state. South Carolina takes center stage right after New Hampshire. In the past, presidential candidates who win South Carolina often go on to win the nomination.

It makes absolutely no sense for TreyTOR to alienate conservatives who’ve fiercely supported his work on the Benghazi investigation. By endorsing Rubio, a significant contingent of those supporters will be less trustful of him. As a result, confidence in and enthusiasm for his work will likely wane as well. The decision to place the endorsement of Rubio over the political perceptions of doing so – relative to the Benghazi committee’s work – is certainly inline with Republican establishment desires. It does not want to see the committee get to the truth.

Back in January of 2013, Hillary testified about Benghazi in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, a committee on which Rubio sits. In his exchange with Hillary, Rubio lobbed softballs and whiffed, clearly demonstrating that he’s aligned with the Republican establishment when it comes to the truth about Benghazi:

It was one of Rubio’s primary opponents this year, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) who did the most damage to Hillary that day. As such, it was Paul who actually helped the committee’s efforts, not Rubio:

The sad part is that TreyTOR must know all of this. That is why his endorsement of Rubio reflects subjugating the committee’s work to the establishment’s wishes.

Consider that a major factor in determining what happened in Benghazi is the Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the U.S. Government. One of those infiltrators is Huma Abedin, Hillary’s close personal aid. Not only has TreyTOR Gowdy ignored this huge red flag but the man he’s endorsing for President defended Abedin during an NPR interview, less than two months before the Benghazi attacks when Rep. Michele Bachmann rightly raised concerns about Abedin’s Muslim Brotherhood ties.

One of the men who knows all about the issue of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration generally and Abedin’s ties in particular is Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA), who sits on the Benghazi committee. He also was a signatory to Bachmann’s letters to various IG’s. Yet, he has remained silent on this issue as well.

Earlier this year, none other than establishment kingpin Karl Rove suggested that pursuing the truth about Benghazi was akin to pursuing Obama’s Birth Certificate. This was clearly an attempt to paint as kooks, anyone seeking justice over Benghazi. It’s also worth noting that Rove’s top three presidential picks include… Rubio. The transparency of Rove’s attempts at nuance and objectivity become clearer as establishment desperation rises:

Something else the establishment wants is the continued suppression of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration.

Gowdy’s decision to endorse Rubio smacks of extremely desperate Republican establishment pressure that came knocking on TreyTOR’s door. By getting Gowdy to endorse Rubio and thereby undermine the committee, two birds are essentially killed with one stone.

Nothing else makes sense.

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