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Hillary Clinton should already be Investigated and Serving Time

By Lynn Woolley

One of the great mysteries of life is how Hillary Clinton – and her lecherous husband Bill – have avoided prosecution [1] for so long. It seems that the more they get away with – the more they do. The Clintons rightly believe that they are special people, above the law.

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So when the anti-Trump New York Times came out with its big “expose” [2] that Trump sought an inquiry into Hillary’s crimes, including how she was exonerated by James Comey (who did not possess the authority to dismiss the case), most right-minded Americans must have said: it’s about time.

I’ve written reams about Hillary’s crimes over the years, [3] and lamented the absolute fact that the Clintons seem to be a protected class of two. She can do no wrong. Or more to the point, she CAN do wrong – but nothing ever happens to her as a consequence.

She’ even hinting at another presidential run. Why? To make herself relevant and keep her toes dangling in the warm waters of international politics. If she doesn’t run again, there is no influence to sell and no fundraising to be had.

So where is the scandal that the NYT is reporting on?

If there is a scandal, it is the failure of our system of justice to indict Hillary Clinton. But if you want to get at the motives of the Times and why it ran yet another essentially un-sourced story (it uses “two unnamed people familiar with the situation”), here is the money-quote from the article, discussing Mr. Trump’s conversation with White House lawyer Donald McGhan. The Times’ anti-Trump bias shines through like a beacon:

The encounter was one of the most blatant examples yet of how Trump views the typically independent Justice Department as a tool to be wielded against political enemies.

Oh so?

As I recall, President Obama used the Internal Revenue Service as a weapon [4]against conservative organizations such as tea party groups – and I do not remember the New York Times writing about Obama is this fashion. Obama’s Justice Department, under Eric Holder, did not object to voter intimidation by a Black Panther group [5] in Philadelphia. But the new rules of politics as practiced by the anti-Trump Media preclude any such comparisons.

The new rules, and you hear them every night on CNN, hold that such things are only bad when practiced by Trump. Since Obama was pure of character and without sin, if HE did something of the sort, it was just fine by the New York Times.

Video: CNN’s Wolf Blitzer calls the NYT’s big scoop “explosive” three times

U.S Presidents often go after their political adversaries.

Nope; not going to bring up Richard Nixon. That’s too much of a cliché. Let’s talk about Barack Obama again and how he stalked FOX News correspondent James Rosen and some reporters from the Associated Press. [6]

Obama was famously thin-skinned, and to imagine him taking any crap from a FOX reporter (had there been one as obnoxious as CNN’s Jim Acosta [7]) is unrealistic. It’s a fact that Obama did not like FOX News and shut them out when he could.

The Hypocrisy of the Democrats when it comes to private servers.

OK. This is a necessary thing, so stay with me.

I hate to rehash Clinton scandals. But long before we had Hillary’s server scandal, there were so many that involved her personally. They included the Whitewater real estate deal, the White House Travel Office debacle, missing Rose Law Firm billing records, and the suicide of Hillary lawyer Vince Foster [8] that is still something of a mystery. How did she get away with all this?

Her more current scandals include the attacks at Benghazi, Uranium One [9], selling access through the Clinton Foundation, relations with Russia (remember Bill’s $500,000 speech in Moscow?), and of course, the home server. All of this is where the chant “lock her up” came from.

Bill likely tried to fix things up for her when he met with then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch on a plane in Phoenix – and that led to the situation in which Comey became the one who let her off the hook.

Now, it’s revealed that Ivanka Trump used a private email account – and the Democrats want a full investigation. [10] This is where you’d write “LOL” if this was a text. But it’s not funny. Whatever Ivanka did, it’s nowhere near the outright crimes of Hillary Clinton.

That makes Rep. Elijah Cummings, the incoming chairman of the Democrat-controlled House Oversight Committee, the nation’s number one hypocrite.

But I’ll tell you this: in the interest of fairness and justice, let’s do a full, bipartisan investigation of Ivanka and get to the bottom of her crimes. Here at WBDaily, we’re all about fighting crime. If Ivanka should spend 30 days in jail, then do it. Lock her up.

In return, let’s have full justice on the other side as well. We know that Hillary is guilty in the server scandal because James Comey told us so. I’m not for giving Hillary Clinton a life sentence, but I think even six months in jail would be a lesson to those on the left that think they can get away with the kind of stuff she has done for years.

Trump never should have had to approach his White House counsel about this.

First, James Comey blew the Clinton investigation sky-high. He should have stopped after making the case against her on national TV and then turned it over to Justice. But with Lynch compromised, he assumed her powers. White promoting his own integrity, he leaked information to a college professor to give to the anti-Trump media.

After the outright blunders made by Comey and the protective cocoon [11] afforded Hillary by Barack Obama, Trump’s attorney general should have investigated her [12]– or named a special prosecutor. But Jeff Sessions failed the American people as well. So the President discussed all this with his lawyer Don McGahn who advised him to let it go.

The President is having a hard time letting it go. So am I.

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