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The Clinton Foundation will be the Next Big Scandal

By Lynn Woolley

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We now know that there are investigations underway [2]into the Clinton Foundation.

We don’t know much about them, but they are happening and they probably involve the concept of “pay-to-play.” Unlike Trump, the Clintons have never built anything that creates jobs and prosperity. They have simply used their government service to sell pardons, influence, and make speeches for unbelievable amounts of money.

CGI-ClintonsAs the FBI takes a look at emails from the Abedin-Weiner computer [3], we are also following new revelations from Wikileaks [4].

Emails from Clinton loyalist Douglas Band [5]show how the Clinton Foundation made money for his company Teneo. Bill Clinton was able to make so much money on the side that Band called him “Bill Clinton Incorporated.” Companies like Coca-Cola, Dow Chemical, and UBS were shaken down – and they paid for influence.

It’s a complicated story – but it boils down to a simple conclusion.

The Clintons were mixing three things — their government service, their charitable foundation, and their personal enrichment. They considered Bill’s two terms as POTUS and Hillary’s job as Secretary of State as money in the bank. They were right. The three companies mentioned above poured money into the Clinton Foundation and then hired Bill to make high-dollar speeches. UBS ultimately paid Bill $2 million.

Douglas J. Band President, Teneo Holdings

Douglas J. Band
President, Teneo Holdings

While all this was going on, Douglas Band was finding these relationships profitable. According to an article by Kimberly A. Strassel [6] in the Wall Street Journal, Band issued a memo bragging about hos these relationships were useful to him as well as to Bill Clinton. This is a key graph from Strassel’s story:

The memo removes any doubt that the Foundation is little more than an unregistered super PAC working on the Clintons’ behalf. Donors to the charity are simultaneously tapped to give Bill speech requests and other business arrangements, including the $3.5 million he was paid annually to serve as “honorary chairman” of Laureate International Universities. Mr. Band’s memo also notes his success at getting donors to “support candidates running for office that President Clinton was supporting.”

According to Strassel, Band goes on to take credit for getting existing CF donors to pay up ever-larger amounts of cash. The donations began to swell dramatically in 2009 and 2010 as Mrs. Clinton was sworn in a Secretary of State. Band formed his consulting company, Teneo [7], in 2011 at the peak of the Clintons’ influence.

This story never ends – and Wikileaks continues to reveal more.

But the bottom line is that, like death and taxes, Clinton scandals are inevitable. Bill & Hillary, if they return to the White House, will still be their immoral selves, willing to sell favors to the highest bidder.

Maybe it already has – but if not, sooner or later the sand will run out of the hourglass for the Clintons. Maybe the reopening of the email controversy will end the Clinton Dynasty and we can all thank Carlos Danger and his alter ego Anthony Weiner. If not, and she is elected, the investigations will continue and she will almost certainly be impeached [8].

Of course, what happens depends upon several things [9] to include how much backbone Comey has, whether Attorney General Loretta Lynch can be prodded to do her job, whether the Republicans hang onto the House and the Senate – and precisely what the evidence turns out to be.

Nothing lasts forever – not even the Clintons’ charmed lives with regard to escaping from the law. None of the original Clinton scandals got them. So far, the home-server/email scandal has not gotten them though it still may. If not, the Clinton Foundation may finally get the job done.