Will 2017 be the year Political Correctness dies? We may be getting to a point where college campuses are hell-holes of misery – because people are going to be free to express themselves.

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By Lynn Woolley

Political correctness is the insipid rule that liberals love – because it validates their wacky ideas – and conservatives hate because anything PC is usually stupid. Donald Trump – our president-elect – ran a decidedly non-PC campaign. As a matter of fact, he was totally irreverent to the pieties of the Left.

Not the faces of Political Correctness

Not the faces of Political Correctness

I’m talking about matters related to race, gender, the homosexual agenda, climate change, abortion – the things the Left has worked so hard to make sacrosanct.

In the past, if any politician broke the rules of political correctness – that was it!

That candidate was a goner. But, like the Honey Badger, Trump didn’t care.

Video: Is Donald Trump the Honey Badger of politics? (Warning: really bad language.)

He said what was on his mind and if it offended someone – too bad! The people loved it and Trump won an Electoral College landslide. I do not look for Trump to start being PC when he takes office. The question is – can he kill it altogether?

Snowflakes – listen up – here’s a Trigger Warning!

We may be getting to a point where college campuses are hell-holes of misery – because people are going to be free to express themselves.

Just imagine:

• No more “safe spaces” at the University of Missouri.
• The Confederate Statues go back up at the University of Texas.
• You can deny climate change with impunity!
• You can accurately refer to a “fetus” as a baby – and hold your head up high!
• Boys will be boys. And not girls.
• Ann Coulter can speak on a college campus without dodging pies.
• Race is on the way out as a divisive issue.
• Big Government is OUT rather than IN.
• American culture is OK. In fact, it’s the best!
• Diversity continues — but unity becomes far more important.
• Speaking English is a good thing.
• Fedoras are in; hijabs are out.
• The new thing for immigration is called “assimilation.”
• Christianity and Judaism are ascendant in America one again.
• School choice forces government schools to seek excellence.
• Schools begin to teach American exceptionalism again.
• The Constitution and the American Flag are revered as they should be.
• Freedom rings!

And, if the rules change – maybe there will be a few things that are no longer acceptable to society:

• Killing your unborn baby for the sake of convenience.
• Spending trillions to change the average temperature a tenth of a degree.
• Crying racism if someone disagrees with you.
• Trying to change from male to female or vice versa.
• Marrying someone of your own gender.
• Deciding that your “gender identity” is something you ain’t.
• Acting in a manner that is approved by the Left.
• Rejecting American culture.

Political correctness is not over until it’s over.

Video: From CBS News, Published on Jan 3, 2016 – Trump explains his direct method of communication. Trump says political correctness “takes too long.”

Unless you’re Donald Trump; then it’s over. But how’s this for a theory: when Obama took office, liberalism got a big shot in the arm. The nation and even the world seemed to lurch leftward.

Perhaps, with a non-PC president, the county and, (if we’re lucky) the world will drop the PC nonsense and be more like Trump.

If he succeeds with his agenda – it could.


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