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Apr 26, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

And goodbye to Robert E. Lee. This is what happens when liberals are running the hen-house.

In Austin, Texas – a city where liberal sensibilities are always worn on one’s sleeve – the School District voted to rename Robert E. Lee Elementary. This is, of course, part of the total expunging of anything connected to the Confederacy.

You’ll recall that liberal students at UT insisted on the removal of a statue of Jefferson Davis, and weak-kneed administrators complied. But guess what name has been chosen by the public to use in renaming the offending Lee Elementary? That would one Donald J. Trump.

Could that be the same Trump who is accused of offending Hispanics, Muslims, and women? The VERY same. This is why liberalism is unintentionally funny. They couldn’t possibly name a school after Trump – could they? Stay tuned.

Robert E. Lee Elementary School (Photo: Erin Cargile/KXAN-TV)

Robert E. Lee Elementary School (Photo: Erin Cargile/KXAN-TV)

How about this for a definition of liberalism: SILLY!

The very thought that a once-revered general could be tossed and a rhetorical bomb thrower who is also identifying as a Republican could replace him as a school’s namesake is hilarious! ROTFL!

Of course, the powers that be will never allow it. The P-T-B are liberals, too. They can’t allow a school, a hallowed place of learning, be named after some they (gasp!) disagree with. So there goes democracy. Trump got 45 votes, but the majority will not prevail! It’s not fair!

In fairness, several other ideas for the renaming were popular, along with Trump:

• Donald Trump: 45 votes
• Robert E. Lee (excuse us?): 34 votes
• Photographer Russell Lee: 32 votes
• Author Harper Lee: 30 votes
• Adolph Hitler School for Friendship & Tolerance
• Drew Brees
• Flava Flav
• The Elementary School Formerly Known as Robert E. Lee

I’m getting a feeling that some of the stakeholders (libs LOVE that word) did not take this very seriously. And 34 of them seem to be fans of the oft-hated Gen. Lee.

But Aus-Libs will NEVER name the school after Trump.

AISD has announced the “official” finalists for the re-naming. I’ve looked closely and do not see Trump’s name. (Descriptors to each provided by the AISD.)

• Barbara Smith Conrad—Internationally acclaimed African-American opera star who completed her studies at the University of Texas despite discrimination-based setbacks.
• Harper Lee—Iconic American novelist best known for “To Kill a Mockingbird.”
• Russell Lee—Neighborhood resident, founding University of Texas photography professor and a critically acclaimed Depression-era photographer.
• Bettie Mann—Beloved former Lee Elementary School teacher of more than 35 years and the first African-American educator at Lee Elementary School.
• Elisabet Ney—Celebrated sculptor and neighborhood resident who immigrated from Germany and is the subject of a popular local museum.
• Kenneth Ragsdale—Former Austin ISD director of music and founder of the band program at Lee Elementary School.
• Waller Creek—Notable local geographic feature shared by neighborhoods served by Lee Elementary School.
• Wheeler’s Grove—Original name of Eastwoods Park, a longtime Juneteenth celebration site and gathering space for historic freedman’s community.

What else should we rename?

If all Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis references must be expunged, then other things connected with the Confederacy should go to. Right? Hey, liberals, I’m talking to you!

Among the names of places and monuments that must go:

• Fort Hood
• Littlefield Fountain at UT/Austin
• The UT Tower
• Confederate Park in Belton, Texas
• Bell County & Belton, TX (named after Peter Hansborough Bell)

And, of course, various Civil War monuments that you are likely to find scattered around the 254 courthouses in Texas. And all the schools named after Lee and Davis – and other heroes of the Confederacy. There’s probably some stuff around the Capitol ground in Austin that are offensive. Dump it all!

Robert E. Lee was a good man – but a man of his times.

I get tired of modern liberals attempting to retroactively assign their own standards to people of bygone era. Lee was no more racist than anyone else in his time – but it was a very different time. Read this excerpt from Wikipedia:

Lee, who had opposed secession and remained mostly indifferent to politics before the Civil War, supported President Johnson’s plan of Presidential Reconstruction that took effect in 1865–66. However, he opposed the Congressional Republican program that took effect in 1867. In February 1866, he was called to testify before the Joint Congressional Committee on Reconstruction in Washington, where he expressed support for President Andrew Johnson’s plans for quick restoration of the former Confederate states, and argued that restoration should return, as far as possible, the status quo ante in the Southern states’ governments (with the exception of slavery).

Lee told the Committee, “…every one with whom I associate expresses kind feelings

Robert E. Lee

Robert E. Lee

towards the freedmen. They wish to see them get on in the world, and particularly to take up some occupation for a living, and to turn their hands to some work.” Lee also expressed his “willingness that blacks should be educated, and … that it would be better for the blacks and for the whites.” Lee forthrightly opposed allowing blacks to vote: “My own opinion is that, at this time, they [black Southerners] cannot vote intelligently, and that giving them the [vote] would lead to a great deal of demagogism, and lead to embarrassments in various waysLee also recommended the deportation of African Americans from Virginia and even mentioned that Virginians would give aid in the deportation. “I think it would be better for Virginia if she could get rid of them [African Americans]. … I think that everyone there would be willing to aid it.”

In an interview in May 1866, Lee said, “The Radical party are likely to do a great deal of harm, for we wish now for good feeling to grow up between North and South, and the President, Mr. Johnson, has been doing much to strengthen the feeling in favor of the Union among us. The relations between the Negroes and the whites were friendly formerly, and would remain so if legislation be not passed in favor of the blacks, in a way that will only do them harm.”

Compare that to the way things were around 1963 when JFK was in the White House and the world looked a lot like it was portrayed on “Mad Men.” In one episode, a partner in the firm hires a pretty black woman to be the new receptionist, and someone says: “Is THAT what we want at the front desk?”

That quote (from my memory) seems hateful now – but then, it was mainstream. That was only 53 years ago.

And Austin libs are worried bout Robert E. Lee.

By liberal standards, only modern progressives are worth having schools named after them since most people in history – virtually all of it – were either racists or sexists. Since liberals control schools, they can do as they please.

So go ahead and name your schools.

Your kids can attend Mario Cuomo High for the Pious; William J. Clinton Academy for Sexual Addiction; Ann Richards Indoctrination Elementary; Molly Ivins Remedial School; Hillary Clinton School of Public Speaking; Snoop Dog Baccalaureate Program; or RuPaul School for the Sexually Confused.

Do it! I dare you.

Donald-J-Trump-Elementary-School-351x185Just make sure it’s fair. Let the majority of you stakeholders rule. And if you do, the former students at Austin Robert E. Lee Elementary will no longer be honoring one of the great figures in American history. They will be honoring the most politically incorrect man in America: Donald J. Trump.

Perhaps a statue of the Trumpster could adorn the front of the school that shall bear his name. Of course, Aus-Libs have already killed that notion.

Liberalism is a hoot, ain’t it?


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