Islamization of America: Supreme Court may side with Muslim woman over hijab

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Feb 26, 2015 No Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

In a free country, Samantha Elauf should be able to wear a hijab.

Samantha Elauf stands outside the Supreme Court building (Photo: ABC News)

Samantha Elauf stands outside the Supreme Court building (Photo: ABC News)

But in a free country, Abercrombie & Fitch should be able to install a dress code in its workplaces. That’s what you’d think. But every indication is that the High Court will side with the Muslim woman who didn’t get hired because her headscarf violated company policy. The central question is: should Abercrombie & Fitch be forced to accommodate religious customs that are atypical in America?

Justice Samuel Alito – a conservative – opined that there was no reason not to hire her unless the company was worried about her headscarf based on what? Religious bias? Alito doesn’t need his head covered. He needs it examined. In America, companies have the right to decide their own dress code – in this case, a preppy, collegiate look. That freedom is evaporating.

Islamization of America.

Yesterday, in this space, we told you about the new Islamic Tribunal in Dallas that uses Sharia law. Where does this stop? You have to wonder what has happened to the tried-and-true concept of the melting pot, also known as assimilation. America is becoming a nation of groups and communities. Some of those communities are at odds with others. When that happens, our diversity becomes our weakness.

What is wrong with Justice Sam Alito?

Alito is often considered to be a constitutional judge who rules based on constitutional principles and the law. He is slipping. His line of questioning in this case is maddening. The liberals on the court can sit back and let the conservatives destroy the country. They don’t even have to lift a hand.

So! Should a woman lose a job to a hijab?

Ms. Elauf was 17 in 2008when she applied for a “model” job at an Abercrombie & Fitch Kids store in Tulsa. The assistant manager liked her. But her hijab was not in accordance with the company’s policy that the models (salespeople) should dress kind of like the clothes sold at the store. But Sam Alito knows best. (Warning! Sarcasm alert!) Alito understands (much better than the store) that young, preppy East Coast college types want to buy their clothes from a girl in a headscarf. Alito should resign from the court and become a marketing manager.

Who’s behind the lawsuit?

Did Elauf hire a lawyer on her own? Is CAIR involved? Yes, it is.

What of freedom?

We know that when America opens its doors to anyone that wants to enter, we are going to get new ideas, new customs, and new beliefs. Many of those knew ideas are healthy and invigorating. Some are not. The concept of women covering their heads with hijabs is not America. But it may soon be unless we get back to model of assimilation that our Founders gave us.

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