FED’s Janet Yellen wasting time & resources on diversity nonsense

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Oct 31, 2014 No Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

Yellen has a lot on her plate. As the head of the Federal Reserve Bank, she’s in charge of managing monetary policy like quantitative easing and interest rates.

Janet Yellen's yearbook (Photo: CNN)

Janet Yellen’s yearbook (Photo: CNN)

But Yellen is a typical liberal – concerned with gender and group identity. Instead of working on economic issues, Yellen has been speaking to a “diversity conference” partly organized by the FED. Never mind that diversity is not an issue for the FED – this is your tax dollars at work. Yellen is worried sick that monetary policy is suffering because there are not enough women economists. This is liberal idiocy, but suppose she’s right? Then, to make our economy strong, we need more women at the FED. More minorities. And lots more transgendered people. But no conservatives. Nope, we don’t need any of those. I’ve always thought liberals are nuts – and this proves it.

Video: TIME panel on Yellen’s gender. Yes, she’s a woman.

Meanwhile, Apple CEO Tim Cook has told the world that he is “proud” to be a homosexual.
Everybody in Silicon Valley already knew he was gay, and now, his pride has boiled over and he has informed the world.

I am unclear as to why this sort of thing would make someone proud. I, for example, have never thought of myself as being proud of my heterosexuality. I always considered it a normal state of affairs, but now I wonder if there’s something wrong with me.

Yes, at 64, I still notice the ladies. A woman with an exceptionally pretty face, or a quick glimpse of cleavage is interesting to me. It is the way God made me. Should I be proud?

I am right-handed and I am not particularly proud of it. Who cares? But there’s no perversion in in being right-handed. No reason to be proud. I don’t dress up in women’s clothes because of it.

None of this makes sense.

If a man likes to jump in bed with another man and perform unnatural sex acts, let him. To to be proud of such a thing? I think not.

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