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Jan 26, 2015 No Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

New York real estate magnate Donald Trump is little more than a punch line to the network talking heads. They’re way off base. His odds of becoming president probably aren’t as high as those of establishment darlings like Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

But history tells us two things about a possible Trump candidacy.

One: it helps to have billions of dollars. And two: You can be elected president with virtually no qualifications. In the days before social media, when CNN was king of cable news, Dallas billionaire Ross Perot was a frequent guest on “Larry King Live.” King was the ratings giant at the time – and Perot was dismissed by pundits as Trump is now. Except for three colossal blunders, many people believe that Perot was on his way to winning the White House. If Trump decides early and is willing to spend his billions – watch out!

Perot DID spend a lot of his own money.

At one time, he led both Bush and Clinton in the polls with 39 percent of respondents versus 31 percent for Bush and 25 percent for Clinton, and he may well have eventually been the factor that elected Clinton. He got goofy, dropping out of the race and charging that the Bush family was going to use altered photographs to sabotage his daughter’s wedding. He got back in – but the damage was done. He selected retired Vice Admiral James Stockdale, a highly decorated former Vietnam prisoner of war, who opened a speech with the words “Who am I? Why am I here?”

Stockdale was savaged.

Perot went on to form the “Reform Party” and talked about a “giant sucking sound” created by jobs moving to Mexico is NAFTA were to be approved. His last hurrah was a poor performance against Al Gore in a debate on Larry King Live.

But he could have been president.

Take away the ludicrous charges against the Bush family. Take away the dropping out of the race and getting back in. Suppose he had named a dynamic running mate. It could have led to a Ross Perot administration.

Trump has the money and the name ID.

Larry King isn’t around on CNN anymore – but Trump goes on FOX News all the time and Bill O’Reilly, the current “king” of cable news would love to have the ratings boost from a Trump candidacy. Trump also appears on prime time NBC with his own show, “The Apprentice.” Name ID is no problem for him.

Inexperience is not much of a problem either.

Our current President, Barack H. Obama, is seen as a total disaster by many Americans. Obama had little experience and virtually no qualification to become president. Yet he won two elections by wide margins, proving that experience and qualifications aren’t always the deciding factors. Only after his second win did his presidency start to sour to millions who had supported him.

Donald Trump knows all this.

He also must know the details of how Petrot could have won – and how Perot blew it by doing stupid things. Trump, if he’s smart, can avoid the mistakes and use his vast fortune to become a top-of-mind candidate. Already at the Iowa Freedom Summit, he blasted Romney saying he could have own, but “choked,” – and said the last thing the country needs is another Bush.

Trump may not run and if he runs he may not win. But don’t think for one moment that he can’t win.

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