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Mar 27, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

Sometimes, CNN seems liberal as MSNBC. On Easter Sunday, Jake Tapper’s far-left panel on State of the Union was going after Ted Cruz like he’s the second coming of Satan.

The issue was Cruz’s statement about patrolling Muslim neighborhoods, delivered after the latest jihad attack in Brussels.

Our makeshift Cruz cap in Studio L

Our makeshift Cruz cap in Studio L

I understood what Cruz meant.

He was talking about radicalization that goes in in this country, typically by radical imams at radical mosques. We do not take the threat of radical Islam seriously in this country – not even after 9/11, and other attacks that took place at Fort Hood, Boston, and San Bernardino.

I believe Ted Cruz understands the threat and would address it without harming anyone’s civil liberties. But the CNN panel was intent on destroying him out of political correctness – in essence, helping Donald Trump win the nomination.

The Mainstream Media joins Trump in dumping on “Lyin’ Ted,”

When Cruz first made his statement after the Brussels attacks, I was pleased. I had just asked the question on my radio show, to the effect of:

“When are we going wake up to the threat of radical Islam and actually do something about it?”

So when Cruz spoke up, I was quite happy. But I forgot about political correctness.

We exist now in an era where MUSLIMS are protected by PC thought and CHRISTIANS are not.

I write this on Easter Sunday, and that should make you stop and think. Police were directing traffic at my church this morning, and I was lucky to get a seat. I heard an inspirational message about the risen Savior.

But understand this: what I heard this morning is under attack – not only from the left-wing CNN panel this morning, but also by the current occupant of the White House, mush of the media, Ron Reagan Jr., ISIS/ISIL, the American education establishment, the Supreme Court – you name it.

CNN should be ashamed, but so should voters for twice electing an anti-Christian to office.

Right now, Hobby Lobby (which ran a beautiful full-page ad in newspapers this morning), other Christian companies and organizations and the Little Sisters of the Poor are anxiously waiting to see whether the Supreme Court will vote to remove their religious liberties.

So, yes, it disturbs me that Ted Cruz is under bitter attack even though the spirit of what he said was right on target.

Make no mistake. If there is to be a conservative movement, we must get behind Cruz. And now!

Instead, we are witnessing the systematic destruction of Senator Cruz. Look at some of the things that have happened this week.

Trump keeps calling him “Lyin’ Ted” and threatened to expose something nasty about his wife Heidi – probably related to her bout with depression.

Video: In February, a Donald Trump Supporter Calls Ted Cruz a “Pussy” at one of Trump’s rallies

Newspapers like the Dallas Morning News run front-page headlines insinuating that Cruz is a bigot.  slime-doesn-pay-ted

Cruz gets accused on being behind a use of provocative photos of Trump’s supermodel wife Melania even though he has no association with the PAC that did it – and even tough he has vigorously denied any involvement.

Note two things about this story. First, if Cruz really is behind it, he would probably have been charged with a crime by now.

Second, the damage is done, and Trump wins again.

Video: On Thursday, Ted Cruz Calls Donald Trump A ‘Snivelling Coward’ and warns him to leave his family alone

Trump attacks Heidi Cruz by essentially accusing her of being unattractive when compared to his supermodel wife. Cruz warns Trump to stay away from attacks on this wife and family and calls him a coward. Cruz threatens to withhold his support should Trump be the nominee.

Cruz National EnquirerCruz is accused in the National Enquirer of having up to 5 mistresses. Cruz accuses Trump and his henchman Roger Stone; and it appears that Rubio’s team had something to do with it. Cruz denies it, but again, the damage is done.

I am having second thoughts about my pledge to support trump is he is the nominee.

The things that have taken place in the past week to smear Ted Cruz – a good man who understands the radical Muslim threat – are hard to take. Trump is behind some of them – probably several of them. Trump is a demagogue who will do anything to destroy his enemies. How can I vote for such a man?

Right or wrong – Trump has now alienated many of the following voting blocs:

• Hispanics
• Women
• Muslims
• Free traders
• Conservatives
• Republican Establishment types
• Ted Cruz supporters
• First Amendment supporters
• Supporters of Israel

If anyone reading this sees this as a way to win the general election, please explain how. You can’t

iss off great segments of the voting public and expect to have enough support to win the electoral college. Trump may be counting of Democrats to cross over and vote for him.

If that’s what he thinks will win, we need to get him on medication. And right now, before he speaks again. Hillary Clinton beats Trump like a drum in every current general election poll. If your answer to that is – don’t believe the polls, you need medication, too. The polls are not magical, but they are statistical and are a good predictor most of the time.

Go with Trump and lose if you want to, but I’m rethinking this. 

New York daily News

New York Daily News

I see no way for Trump to beat Hillary short of an indictment. He has made too many people mad. He cannot build a collation as Ronald Reagan did. He cannot beat a liberal in the liberal times in which we live by tearing down the opponents that he will need once the primaries are over. He has already nailed his own coffin shut.

Had Trump not picked this bitter fight with Cruz, I could see Cruz traveling the country to promote his election to the Oval Office. Not now. Lyin’ Ted is not going to help him, even if he is the eventual nominee. Lyin’ Ted has had all he can take. So has Low Energy Jeb. So has Little Marco. So has virtually all the Establishment. So have talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Glenn Beck.

It’s not nice or wise to make you own base so mad that they will literally vote for a corrupt Democrat is block you. That’s what Trump has done.

It’s probably too late to save Ted Cruz.

Cruz may go down in history as the principled conservative that principled conservatives abandoned. That doesn’t change the fact that he is the only person with a chance to stop Trump.

Video: Published on Mar 25, 2016 – Bill Maher explains why Donald Trump is worse than Ted Cruz on his HBO show Real Time. He says Cruz is “less awful”

Cruz had a bad week. The gates of Hell were opened on him. The media played along. Most of the accusations will likely prove to be false. (Remember the charges against Herman Cain that literally vanished the moment he dropped out?)

But the damage is done.

If Trump wins the nomination and Hillary Clinton slaughters him in November, conservatives lose.

• We lose the White House.
• We lose the Supreme Court.
• We likely lose the Senate.
• We could lose the House of Representatives.

But – we will have shown the Establishment how much we hate them. We will have destroyed the party that stood for at least some conservative values. We will have a broken, bloody nose and missing teeth and we will not be able to stand up under our own power. But, by golly, we will be winners!

Until Hillary takes the oath office and we begin to think about what we did to Ted Cruz.


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