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May 29, 2014 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

A version of this article appeared in the Dallas Morning News on 5/30/14.

The Left was just certain that Ronald Reagan would bring on the end of conservatism for all time. Instead, the Reagan presidency brought about 30 years of economic prosperity and created a conservative movement that has endured ever since. Now, they think that Dan Patrick is going to destroy the Republican Party in Texas if he’s elected as lieutenant governor and turn Texas blue.

Texas Sen. Dan Patrick

Texas Sen. Dan Patrick

There’s a name for that: wishful thinking.

In fact, “demographics as destiny” is starting to look a bit suspicious. The reason is that a political party must govern – and it must have successful policies in order to stay in power over the long haul. When Ronald Reagan ran for the Republican nomination, he was smeared as a dangerous extremist – much as Dan Patrick is being attacked now. But Ronald Reagan’s policies worked. His much-maligned “trickle-down economics” brought inflation under control. His military build-up conquered the biggest threat to freedom at that time – the Soviet Union – without a shot being fired. His presence on he world stage restored America’s prestige.

We are told by left wing commentators that women will vote against Republicans because Republicans will take away their “right to choose.” But look around. Changing sensibilities and modern technology that enables us to look inside the womb are changing minds. Where conservatives are losing the battle against gay marriage, they are winning the hearts and minds of America on the issue of abortion.

Then, we are told that with the changing demographics, voters will want to elect people that “look like them.” This is offensive and practically racist. Whites voted for Barack Obama – twice — in droves, pulling for the first black president to succeed. But he did not. His first big project, a $787 billion stimulus helped mostly unions and political cronies and Obama was forced to admit that there were few if any “shovel ready jobs.”

His signature policy – a government takeover of the healthcare sector—was rammed though the Congress with no Republican votes and the people don’t like it. Unfortunately for Democrats, the news about Obamacare will get worse as it is further implemented, and the people will continue to despise it.

We are told that Latinos will not vote for Republicans because of people like Dan Patrick who have opposed illegal immigration. There are some Hispanics who have that attitude – but look what’s happening right now in Mexico. A former Marine made a wrong turn and could not get back to the United States. He had three legal firearms with him. At this writing, he remains in a Mexican prison. Outside of FOX News, there is little coverage of this story, possibly because it points out the immense hypocrisy of the Mexican government with regard to immigration. Even the biggest immigration apologists must admit that something is out of whack here.

We are told the African Americans will not vote for Republicans because they have demonized and disrespected President Obama at every turn. Maybe, but in addition to the policy failures we’ve already mentioned, President Obama has been an embarrassment on international affairs. His “red line” in Syria and his utter incompetence with regard to Russia and Ukraine have even his most ardent supporters scratching their heads. We are no longer respected by our allies nor feared by our enemies. Republicans bring these things up while touting such people as Allen West and Ben Carson, both African Americans, for their party’s nomination. That’s hardly being racist.

Then, there’s the scandals. Fast and Furious, Solyndra, the IRS targeting of political enemies, the Benghazi cover-up, and now the problems within the Veterans Administration are taking a toll on Democrats. President Obama’s approval ratings are very low and are not likely to get better – not with an economic “recovery” that has taken forever under his policies.

Demographics be damned. Women, Latinos, and African Americans want a country that works. Obama has not delivered that because his ideology leans more to “fairness,” “equality,” and Social Justice than to policies that will lift up all the people. If Tea Party leadership continues to make the Texas economy hum – and if the Republicans take the U.S. Senate and are able to correct Obama’s mistakes – demographics won’t matter.

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