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Mar 6, 2015 No Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

Remember when the nation’s mottos were “In God We Trust” and “E Pluribus Unum?”

That last one means “out of many – one,” a national declaration of American unity through assimilation. That concept is now abandoned. The new national slogan seems to be “Our Strength Is Our Diversity.”

Some academics will flat out tell you that a “diverse” classroom is a better learning environment that a class with all whites. So how’d we get this way? It seems there are two forces at work.

Liberals carry signs for multiculturalism with INSANE in the background (Photo: Front Page Mag)

Liberals carry signs for multiculturalism with INSANE in the background (Photo: Front Page Mag)

First, a guilty conscience.

Many on the Left fret about past sins going to back to slavery and even the crusades.

Making amends is called Social Justice.

The other thing is pragmatic. If liberals can use a diversity agenda to bring in poor people from other countries by the trainload, and give them benefits – they will vote for Democrats. These things explain Obama’s amnesty.

What the Frontbencher said.

“The Frontbencher” a.k.a. Mark Levin who delights in his open disdain for talk show host “backbenchers” (generally anyone other than himself, Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity), was discussing this. (By the way I thoroughly enjoy his show, but I scream at him when he’s nasty – and he’s nasty a lot!)

The Frontbencher (Photo: Breitbart)

The Frontbencher (Photo: Breitbart)

He asked a simple question. Why do liberals want to change the demographics of America? We’ve talked about that issue on our show as well – and we were doing it more than a decade before the Frontbencher even got a show. But I was fascinated at Levin’s look inside the brains of progressives. He’s right that part of it is about a permanent Democrat Party majority. This a long dream of the Left – to crush conservatives and make them part of the political history of the nation rather than a competing party.

Clinton and Gore tried to do it, too!

So this is nothing new with Obama. It’s just that Obama, with a willing mainstream media, is actually doing something about it.

Two things to consider.

One: If Obama is trying to change demographics to serve the cause of liberalism, why did Republican George W. Bush try to do the same thing? This is a question for the ages. Most commentators (probably including the Frontbencher) seem to believe that it is out of compassion or the quest for cheap labor. That would explain Jeb Bush (“they come here out of love”), and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

But it doesn’t explain stupidity.

There is something wrong with conservatives and Republicans who align with liberals on immigration and agree that we must support amnesty and open borders or the Republican Party will cease to exist. Logic says the exact opposite is true. Why the GOP doesn’t see this is our greatest political mystery.

Two: If diversity is so great, then why is our country in trouble in so many ways? We are split by race and ethnicity during a time when we have twice elected a black president. Something is wrong. Something is very fishy. You would almost think the current administration wants it this way. But this is part of Social Justice, which is pretty much the same thing as community organizing.

Lunacy wins out.

Social Justice, stemming from Obama’s anti-colonialism and the collective guilt of academia is leading to our great demographic split. Obama was taught from an early age – read his books – that America has become wealthy on the backs of poor nations. The idea of Climate Change is supposed to redistribute our wealth to make that right – in Obama’s head.

Far left college professors have hated on America for a long time. Who knows why? Maybe it’s for the same reasons that Obama became a community organizer: America-bashing is fun and it’s easier than working.

Demographics are destiny.

Or so we hear. But only if Obama and his henchmen in academia, the business community, and in Congress continue to allow in the poorest of the poor and bribe them with welfare to vote for Democrats. Many cultures melding is a wonderful thing. We called it “the melting pot.” But without assimilation, the poor stay poor and illiterate – just the way liberals want them.

As long as they’re poor and dumb, they work cheap. And they vote for Democrats.


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