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Jul 12, 2014 1 Comment ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

The Wall Street Journal famously supports Comprehensive Immigration Reform and open borders. But Peggy Noonan, perhaps its most popular columnist is dissenting. Noonan’s piece on the “Migrant Children” crisis is stark, scary, and on-target. Unlike the editors, she asks the big question: “Is a nation without borders a nation?” We all know the answer. She asks another question: “How cold do you have to be to use children in this way?” We know the answer to that, too. It speaks to the moral depravity of liberal Democrats and the way they’ve used children as political pawns. It also speaks to the fundamental wrongness of the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board – long a supporter of unfettered immigration. To Noonan, our disappearing border is like a crumbling house, badly in need of attention — but getting none.


VIDEO: Peggy Noonan on “Face the Nation” from a June 19, 2012 post, talking about Obama’s policy regarding young immigrants.

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  1. paintedfaces says:

    She’s got the part about using the children ,right.
    Even the adults that are coming in with them, Many are also using the kids to get inside themselves.

    These kids ,many of them may have been rented or even kidnapped or picked up off the streets.
    That may be one of the reasons, Obama and his buddies don’t want anyone inside—They know If they separate some of the kids from the adults who are suppose to be family, many of Those kids are going to tell the truth.

    In the group of Cubans that came in during Jimmy Carters time, They were afraid to say anything too about the ones they knew where members of Castro secret police or had been let out of their prisons, until they were placed into different sections of camp.

    However No one from media or Gov. were kept away.

    What is going on now was suppose to be a secret operation.

    And as Limbaugh stated Thursday— And as I have said myself several times, Before the next two years is over ,It is going to become worse.
    Don’t anyone be surprised if there are foreign troops brought into the country . That may be were the UN will try to get involved in the U.S.

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