Video: Greta Interview with Ted Cruz Shows Fox News NOT ‘Fair and Balanced’ when it comes to Conservatives vs. Establishment

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By Barrack

When it comes to the immigration debate between Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, it is Rubio who is lying. Cruz is so angry about it, he said exactly that in his interview with Greta Van Susteren. It was Rubio who threw in with liberal Senators Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, John McCain, Bob Menendez, et. al., though you’d never know it by watching Fox News. Earlier this week, Bret Baier attempted a game of ‘gotcha’ with Cruz on the subject as well. What viewers don’t see is the network giving Rubio the same treatment on the same issue, at least nowhere near to the same degree.

The latest Fox News host to do that is Greta, who comes across as agenda-driven and a little thick-headed. It didn’t matter how many times Cruz answered her question (which he did very clearly) about what he would do with illegal aliens already in the U.S. She kept asking in hopes of tripping him up. Fortunately for Cruz, he came out the clear winner. His answer was simple. Build a wall, prevent illegals from coming in, and as this is happening, deport those who are here illegally. Greta – for some reason – couldn’t grasp the idea of a President who is pledging to enforce the laws of the country:

Did you notice at the beginning of that interview, Greta points to the fact that Rubio didn’t cast a vote for the massive Omnibus bill and then quickly moves on? Later in the interview, she referenced that as an example that she’s playing fair with both sides; she is not. If she were, she’d be hitting Rubio harder on immigration than she did with Cruz because it’s Rubio who’s lying and it’s Rubio who got in bed with liberal Senators.

The Washington establishment – both parties – is scared to death of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and the idea that immigration laws should be enforced. It’s a deadly political brew that causes establishment figures to show their true colors. Make no mistake, the powers that be at Fox News have worked very hard to make that network the establishment alternative to the mainstream media. They’ve done so while wanting you to believe that they’re really conservative but also ‘fair and balanced’.

Rubio with Schumer, Durbin, Menendez and McCain in 2013.

Rubio with Schumer, Durbin, Menendez and McCain in 2013.

Consider the two prognosticators that were woefully wrong about the 2012 election. One was Dick Morris. The other was Karl Rove. Morris was jettisoned. Rove is still there. Why? He’s establishment and so is Roger Ailes, the President of Fox News. Ailes spearheaded George H.W. Bush’s 1988 media campaign. Former George W. Bush White House press secretary Dana Perino is unmasking herself on a daily basis as co-host of the Five. This has been a consistent theme with her since the rise of Trump. She also appears to be influencing her co-host Greg Gutfeld.

Perino in her George W. Bush White House days

Perino in her George W. Bush White House days

Incidentally, in 2013 – while still at CNN – Howard Kurtz called Fox News out on its choice to have Perino interview her former boss, George W. Bush. Kurtz maintained it was a conflict of interest. Coincidentally or not, less than two months later came the announcement that Kurtz was being hired by Fox News.

How about Glenn Beck? He has made no bones about his contempt for Trump. This is inconsistent with most of his conservative talk radio brethren. Is there a reason? It should be noted that Beck owes Ailes a few favors. It was Ailes who gave Beck a platform to take his career to the next level in 2009, when Beck got his own show on Fox. To Beck’s credit, it was a great show for the first year or two but it’s certainly not inconceivable that Ailes may have called one of those favors. Beck and Fox News continued to work together in various capacities after the talk show host left the network.

Also to Beck’s credit is that he is a fan of Cruz. That said, it would certainly be a bridge too far for him to trash both Trump and Cruz. He’d lose all credibility as a conservative if he distanced himself from both men.



Recently, on a Fox News Sunday panel, there was nothing fair and balanced when it came to Trump. Every member of the panel – whether from the left or the right – expressed contempt for Trump.

Take your pick of Fox News regulars. They all despise Trump – and to varying degrees – Cruz. George Will, Brit Hume, Stephen Hayes, Charles Krauthammer, et. al. The reason is simple, though the network has attempted for years to cleverly veil that reason.

Fox News continues to out itself as the establishment news alternative to the mainstream media. It is not the conservative alternative. That reality is being made clearer each day that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz sit atop the polls for the Republican nomination.

As much as Ailes and company would like you to believe that the ‘fair and balanced’ network is conservative, his network is being just as deceptive as the mainstream media, which is liberal but wants its viewers to see it as objective.

Ailes (far left), James Baker (L) and George H.W. Bush in White House.

Ailes (far left), James Baker (L) and George H.W. Bush in White House.

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