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VIDEO: Carson Wants Pro-Lifers to ‘Tone Down their Rhetoric’ Amid Reports that Rove is Connecting him With Wealthy Donors

By Barrack

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson descended into the realm of moral equivalency on par with those who do the same with Israelis and Palestinians. He actually decried the ‘rhetoric’ of the pro-life movement during an appearance on Face the Nation. It is interesting that he did this the day after a report indicated that Karl Rove has ‘opened his rolodex’ [1] to Carson so the latter can have access to wealthy donors, such as hotel magnate Steve Wynn.

Connected? Hard to say but definitely noteworthy. It’s hard to believe that access to such wealthy donors doesn’t come with strings attached.

Even if well-meaning, why on earth would he do this? The irony is that all his comments will do is cause one side to ratchet up its rhetoric. Far left-wing host John Dickerson was definitely thrilled:

It’s hard to say both sides should tone down their rhetoric when one side sanctions infanticide and the other wants to prevent it. Anyone remember Kermit Gosnell? This documentary doesn’t even require rhetoric: