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Dec 15, 2014 1 Comment ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

If a foreign woman can sneak into the United States, get pregnant, and have a baby here – she’s in good shape under Obama’s amnesty plan. The President will reward those who have committed an illegal act – and who know how to game the system under the Fourteenth Amendment. Of course, the Mexican government teaches its people how to take advantage of such things.

Delfina Ibarra is the subject of a New York Times article about an info meeting in Los Angeles designed to help illegals avoid deportation. Ibarra is 40, from Mexico, and has been living illegally in California for 23 years. Her son is 21 and he’s anchor baby Number One.

At the event, she was nursing another anchor baby – this one, 17-months old. She is keen to get her papers, go back to school, and start a new life. With at least two anchor babies, Delfina is looking pretty good — and she knows it.

Thousands line up in Los Angeles to learn about taking advantage of Obamnasty (Photo: New York Times)

Thousands line up in Los Angeles to learn about taking advantage of Obamnasty (Photo: New York Times)

Birthright citizenship is the 800-pound gorilla in the room. Very few countries practice it because it is dangerous as we are seeing in the United States. In fact, the Constitutional amendment that allows it — doesn’t really allow it. The amendment was passed to prevent southern states from denying citizenship to former slaves. But liberal judges have ruled – and that’s where we stand.

Can we fix this problem? Yes and no. Yes, because it would be easy, under the Constitution, to redefine this amendment through the courts and get it back to original intent. No, because people like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are in charge of the Republican Party and Jeb Bush – an open borders politician – is increasingly looking like the GOP frontrunner.

Where does our country go if we cannot stop this invasion from south of the border? We have already seen our hospitals overrun with the poor from other countries. That is one factor that led to skyrocketing costs for healthcare and eventually to Obamacare. Our schools are now bilingual. And they are failing. Illegal immigration has also affected our employment picture in the United States with the lobbying group called the U.S. Chamber of Commerce financing establishment GOP candidates that will keep the stream of illegals flowing.

This is why Jeb Bush MUST NOT be elected president of the United States.

Video: Jeb Bush says breaking our immigration laws is “an act of love.”

On this issue, he is the worst of all candidates. The Tea Party must step to the front and fight Obama’s illegal amnesty – and must put forth electable candidates to counter the liberal Republicans like Boehner and Bush.

We do need foreign workers to come to the States. But WE must decide who gets in and how many and from what countries. We must have a real guest worker program that is in accordance with our laws. We should bring in a mix of immigrants from around the world – not just one country. And we MUST demand – by law – assimilation for those who intend to stay here.

Most of all, we have to stop birthright citizenship. Delfina Ibarra may be a nice lady with wonderful values, but she is gaming our system and there are millions like her. Delfina should go home with her children and apply to come back in a legal manner. Under Obamnasty, she will reap a huge reward for what she has done.

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  1. paintedfaces says:

    @ The President will reward those who have committed an illegal act —-

    If the president would do this . It would make him into a criminal as those he would be allowing to stay inside the country .

    Since the breaking of our Constitution’s Laws to allow criminals to stay, would be aiding and abiding those criminals.

    You have heard the saying – all company stinks after 3 days ?

    This bunch of law breaking foreign nationals worn out their welcome a long time ago. Its beginning to stink to have them telling US what they will do And, to have the president agreeing with them against a majority of the country’s citizens.

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