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May 25, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

By Ben Barrack

One day, Donald Trump is going after Hillary Clinton for being an enabler of her husband’s sexual assaults and introducing the suspicious death of Vince Foster. The next day, we see him getting in bed with former Ronald Reagan campaign manager Ed Rollins, who has defended close Hillary Clinton ally and Muslim Brohterhood spy Huma Abedin. Not only that but Rollins was recently listed as an adviser for Teneo Holdings, the same company started by Bill Clinton’s right-hand man Doug Band. Teneo is also tied to the Clinton Foundation and is a party to Huma’s questionable employment arrangement in 2012.

Shortly after opening my email, I saw a very disturbing message. It was from the SuperPAC of former Ronald Reagan campaign manager Rollins, who has decided to get in bed with Donald Trump, and based on the quote attributed to Trump, the reverse appears to be true.


In the summer of 2012, Rep. Michele Bachmann wrote a letter to the State Department’s Inspector General, in which she named Huma Abedin as a person of interest relative to Muslim Brotherhood infiltration. Rollins – who had previously been Bachmann’s presidential campaign strategist – lit into Bachmann with a completely libelous screed not backed up by any facts.

Rollins ripped Bachmann for raising those concerns and actually defended Huma, Hillary’s closest adviser.

It was later discovered by WB Daily that Rollins is a Senior Advisor with Teneo Strategy, the same company Huma worked for under very questionable circumstances in 2012 when she was designated as a Special Government Employee (SGE) while still at the State Department. Since that time, the page featuring Rollins as a Senior Advisor for Teneo is no longer available but here is a screenshot:


Earlier this year, when Trump introduced his Muslim Ban Plan, Huma was one of his staunchest critics. She took to twitter and said Trump wanted to “write racism into our law books”.

Again, this is the woman that Rollins vehemently defended in response to Bachmann’s very legitimate concerns. Yet, Trump is getting in bed with Rollins instead of calling him out.

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