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Trump’s AG Nominee William Barr WAS a FIXER for Bushes and Clintons

By Ben Barrack

In the 1980’s, Vice President George WH Bush and Bill Clinton were partners in crime. [1] As a former CIA Director, Bush needed Ollie North to coordinated illegal, clandestine operations on American soil. They decided to do so in Mena, Arkansas – where Clinton was Governor at the time.

When things started to go south in Mena (both literally and figuratively), Bush needed a high level fixer. [2] Coincidentally, that person was William P. Barr, who went by the CIA codename Robert Johnson.

Perhaps most noteworthy is that despite President Donald Trump’s biggest failure being his choice for Attorney General the first time, this one is many, many times worse.

See for yourself:

Barr Fixer [1]