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Apr 30, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

By Ben Barrack

As much as I love what Ted Cruz represents and how he has stood strong in the Senate, he still doesn’t get it relative to the appeal of Donald Trump. In a recent town hall, Cruz was asked by a Hillary supporter about a Cruz/Hillary matchup. Cruz responded by saying he would go after Hillary on substance and that he wouldn’t go ‘personal’.

This is the problem. When it comes to the Clintons, Republican voters have wanted someone representing them that WILL go personal against the Clintons; they have deserved it for years. Yet, Republican politician after Republican politician has refused to do so. In this exchange, Cruz tips his hand that he won’t either, via Breitbart:

Moreover, video of Cruz’s running mate Carly Fiorina has surfaced in which Fiorina is seen praising Hillary Clinton. Of course, Cruz’s supporters would say that Trump has racked up his fair share of praise for the Clintons but isn’t that the point? The argument is essentially neutralized. What remains is which candidate is best equipped to destroy Hillary in a way Republicans have wanted for years?

The reason conservatives who support Trump overlook so many of his negatives is because he has revealed a quality so many Republican politicians lack; that quality is courage. This is not to say Cruz doesn’t have political courage; he does. He’s demonstrated it throughout his nearly four year tenure as a U.S. Senator. Unfortunately, the courage conservative voters crave is more than that. It’s a brand of courage that involves going on offense against the Clintons and the Democratic media that supports them.

If Trump becomes president, he will have dismantled both the Bush and Clinton dynasties.

If Trump becomes president, he will have dismantled both the Bush and Clinton dynasties.

If ever there was a politician that deserves to be gone after personally, it’s Hillary Clinton. Cruz admitted that he will not do so. Trump already is starting to. His ‘Crooked Hillary’ moniker for the former Secretary of State is the proof that’s in the pudding.

In fact, Trump is responsible – perhaps more than anyone else – for singlehandedly ending the Bush dynasty. Early on in the primaries, he destroyed the next in line for the Republican nomination, Jeb Bush. Jeb! was completely disarmed by Trump, who referred to the ex-Florida Governor as ‘low energy’. Jeb! never recovered. Then Trump turned his attention toward Cruz, branding him as ‘Lyin’ Ted’. Cruz supporters became livid but to no avail.

Now, Trump is beginning to set his sights on ‘Crooked Hillary’. Unlike Cruz, Trump has shown a willingness to go after Hillary on her abusive behavior toward victims of her husband’s sexual transgressions. Cruz has demonstrated no such propensity and likely will not do so. Perhaps that’s why some of Bill’s alleged victims like Juannita Brodderrick have thrown their support behind Trump.

The conservative, anti-Trump crowd has gone out of its skull when fellow conservatives don’t drop Trump after things like his comments on the transgender bathroom law in North Carolina. They’re almost as apoplectic as I was during 2008, when no one would see who Obama really was.

However, here is where logic kicks in.

Rush Limbaugh explained this dynamic perfectly and suggested that Trump’s negatives will drop like a rock if he goes after Hillary like so many have wanted for so long (via Daily Rushbo):

After being asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper about Trump’s personal tweets against her, Hillary delivered a strangely incoherent answer. Limbaugh picked up on this as well:

Those conservatives fearful of what a Trump presidency might mean fail to consider what he will have done to get there.

A Trump presidency will mean he will have ended both the Bush and Clinton dynasties in less than one year, something no elected politician has been able to do for decades. That accomplishment alone is worthy of giving Trump a grace period if and when he is inaugurated.

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