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Trump and Cruz Should Give American People What They Want – A Trump/Cruz Ticket

By Barrack

Grayson: Face of the Cruz 'Birther' lawsuit [1]

Grayson: Face of the Cruz ‘Birther’ lawsuit

In our many on-air discussions about who should be the Republican nominee – dating back at least two years – I was pulling for Scott Walker and Lynn Woolley has been pulling for Ted Cruz all along. Cruz has always been in my top two. He still is, even though Walker has long been out of the race.

Lynn may or may not remember but there were two primary reasons I didn’t put Cruz at the top. The first was that it’d be addition by subtraction. Cruz has been a conservative champion in the Senate; why not leave him there? The second reason was the citizenship issue. I remember telling Lynn that while I didn’t have a problem with it, the Democrats would go after Cruz over his citizenship status if he got the nomination.

Lo and behold, the more Cruz surges, the more Democrats point to the issue. Far left-winger, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) has already pledged to file a lawsuit [2] if Cruz wins the nomination. Yes, Grayson is a kook but the entire DNC would likely jump on the bandwagon.

Front-runner Donald Trump has even been fanning the flames of that possibility as well, by keeping the issue alive. Trump is doing that to keep Cruz from taking the catbird seat. Grayson is doing it out of hatred for the conservative ideology.

In his recent column, [3] Lynn accurately maintains that there are three wings in the Republican Party now – The Trump wing, the Cruz wing and the Establishment wing. Lynn has also long advocated for a candidate that can cobble all the various factions of Republican voters together.

That is why the Trump and Cruz wings of the party should unite and the 2016 Republican Party ticket should be Trump/Cruz.

Ryan billed as guy who could bridge gap between Establishment and Tea Party; he is not. [4]

Ryan billed as guy who could bridge gap between Establishment and Tea Party; he is not.

In 2012, the Establishment wing won out when Romney got the nomination. We were told that he needed a running mate that could bridge the divide between the Establishment and Tea Party wings. That is how Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan (R-WI) was billed; that is not at all what he has shown to be. The Establishment wanted its cake and to eat it too by selecting Ryan. The added benefit was shoveling the lie onto conservative voters that Ryan was conservative; it still didn’t work.

Instead of going with a counter-balance to its Establishment candidate by selecting Santorum – who was 2012’s runner up – the Establishment clearly wanted to avoid putting another conservative on the ticket.

The latest Real Clear Politics polling [5] has the Republican field stacking up this way:

Trump: 31%
Cruz: 21%
Rubio: 10%
Carson: 9%
Bush: 5%
Paul: 4%
Kasich: 2%
Fiorina: 2%
Christie: 1%
Huckabee: 1%
Santorum: 1%

One thing is for certain. Those who support Trump and Cruz are very entrenched and passionate. If Trump were to select Cruz as his running mate, the ticket would garner more than half of Republican voters before any of the other candidates drop out.

Supporters of Huckabee and Santorum would embrace Trump/Cruz ticket [6]

Supporters of Huckabee and Santorum would embrace Trump/Cruz ticket

The Establishment wing is represented by Rubio, Bush, Kasich and Christie. As it stands right now, that adds up to a meager 18%. Once Carson drops out (assuming he will), the majority of his supporters would go to Cruz. That would presumably apply if Cruz were on the underside of the ticket. Paul’s supporters would equally go largely to Cruz and Trump; ditto for Huckabee and Santorum. Fiorina’s supporters are an amalgamation of conservative voters and establishment supporters so it’s hard to tell but call it a wash.

When you add that all up, once the field shakes out (all things remaining equal), the support for Trump and Cruz could total between 65-70%. That would leave the Establishment choice at between 30-35%.

It’s clearly far too early for either Trump or Cruz to name a running mate. However, they should call a truce right now. An alliance is in order because if it is not formed, each could lose.

Right now, Trump should seek a truce with Cruz. The billionaire businessman is having an increasingly difficult time reconciling his liberal past with conservative voters. Selecting Cruz as a running mate would go a long way in doing that. As for Cruz, the citizenship issue is not likely to go away and if he forms an alliance with Trump, one of the loudest voices calling attention to it would take it out of his arsenal; he would instead fight for Cruz.

In three-man race, Cruz and Trump could total 70% together against Establishment. [7]

In three-man race, Cruz and Trump could total 70% together against Establishment.

That’s what leads to the Trump/Cruz ticket. While it shouldn’t be announced now, it should be announced earlier than it normally is. Perhaps when it’s obvious who the winner is going to be. Trump’s ego isn’t likely going to allow him to accept a vice-presidential nomination. A much younger Cruz, however, likely would – and should – out of pragmatism.

Cruz should seek to be on the underside of the ticket for another reason. While the Constitution says that both the president and vice president must meet citizenship requirements to be qualified for either office, the issue of what constitutes a ‘natural-born citizen’ is largely unsettled law. [8] While Cruz was born outside the U.S., he was born to a mother who was an American citizen and while Marco Rubio was born in the U.S., neither of his parents were American citizens at the time.

As the vice presidential nominee, Cruz would get a bit of air cover relative to the citizenship issue because Trump would be at the top of the ticket. Then after serving one or two terms as the vice president, it would be nearly impossible for the Democrat birthers to deny Cruz a presidential run.

If the Graysons of the world somehow won a Supreme Court judgement that Cruz were ineligible, the potential for a constitutional crisis would be much less if that determination were made while he were a vice presidential nominee instead of a presidential one.

Cruz: Born in Canada to one American citizen parent. Rubio: Born in U.S. to two foreign citizens. [9]

Cruz: Born in Canada to one American citizen parent. Rubio: Born in U.S. to two foreign citizens.

Either way, Trump and Cruz should start behaving like Nascar teammates instead of UFC opponents.

That is, of course, if the supporters of each candidate really want to drive a stake in the heart of the Washington, DC establishment more than they want to see their guy win.

If the polling shows one thing, it is this; the American people are loudly saying they want that establishment gone.