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By Ben Barrack

Take a look at Huma Abedin’s twitter page. Notice that it is a skyline of Manhattan post 9/11. Sure, Huma lives there but if she were a Muslim Brotherhood (al-Qaeda / Saudi Arabia) spy, what would such a photo represent? Wouldn’t it represent conquest? Regardless of what your mind allows you to believe, all the evidence points to this very reality. Until now, no politician or even adviser of consequence (save for Rep. Michele Bachmann in 2012) has had the courage to confront this reality publicly.


Abdullah Omar Naseef (L) and close Hillary aide Huma Abedin (R)

Abdullah Omar Naseef (L) and close Hillary aide Huma Abedin (R)

That all changed this week. Donald Trump’s unofficial adviser Roger Stone is publicly asking three questions of Hillary Clinton about her close adviser Huma that he knows she won’t answer. In various ways, this writer has been asking these questions for five years.

Perhaps the equivalent of Stone to Mitt Romney in 2012 was John Sununu. It’s noteworthy that Sununu appears to be a stealth jihadist sympathizer (he at least rubs elbows with them) and Romney refused to talk about Huma on the campaign trail, saying it was something he would not discuss. It is indeed very encouraging to see Stone call out this Muslim Brotherhood / Saudi spy, Huma Abedin.

Here are Stone’s three questions (I’ve taken the liberty to answer each one based on research I’ve done over the last five years):

1) What is Huma’s relationship with a Saudi Arabian official named Abdullah Omar Naseef?

The short answer is that both worked together for years at the Institute on Muslim Minority Affairs (IMMA), an entity founded by Huma’s parents, with the assistance of Nasseef and the Saudi Royal family in the late 1970’s. For several years – including after 9/11 –  Naseef served on the advisory board of the IMMA while Huma was an editor there.



The companion entity to the IMMA is the Journal on Muslim Minority Affairs (JMMA), a publication that Huma wrote for. As you can see, Naseef was listed as being on the Advisory Board there as well.


Moreover, Abedin’s mother – who heads the IMMA – is one of 63 leaders in the Muslim Sisterhood, the female arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, which sponsors and engages in Islamic terrorism all over the world. One of the other 63 leaders is none other than the wife of former Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt Mohammed Mursi, who rose to power while Hillary was Secretary of State. Clearly, Huma’s interests were served by putting Mursi in power in Egypt, assuming she is still close with her mother.

Stone (L) and Trump

Stone (L) and Trump

On that score, she admitted as much in a recent podcast interview.

Stone’s second question for Hillary…

2) Was he (Naseef) the founder of a Saudi charity called the Rabita Trust?

Not only was Abdullah Omar Naseef the founder of Rabita Trust in 1988 but his co-founder was the President of Pakistan at the time, Zia al-Haq. The founding of Rabita took place at a time when the U.S. was covertly assisting the Muslim Brotherhood, the Saudis, the Pakistanis and the Iranians in the fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan. What this means is that the U.S. looked the other way when Rabita was formed.

Then in 2000, Naseef – who was the head of the Muslim World League (MWL) from 1983-93 – put al-Qaeda founder Wael Hamza Julaidan in charge of Rabita.

What this means is that at a time when Naseef was working with Huma at the IMMA, Rabita was being led by a founding member of al-Qaeda.

So, yes, the answer to Stone’s second question is actually worse than the premise of the question leads you to believe.

Now, onto Stone’s third question…

3) Right after 9/11, was the Rabita Trust put on a list by the U.S. government of groups that were funding terrorism?

Yes, Rabita Trust’s assets were frozen one month after the 9/11 attacks. Within weeks, the U.S. Government had identified Rabita as a sponsor of terrorism.

Here is a screen shot from the U.S. Treasury Department’s website about Rabita:


The link at the bottom of that screen shot will take you to more information about Julaidan, who was appointed to his post at Rabita one year prior to 9/11, at the same time that Huma was working with Naseef at the IMMA:


Yet, despite all these connections to terrorism and al-Qaeda, neither Naseef nor Rabita was named even once in the 9/11 Commission’s 2004 report. Julaidan was identified one time, in footnote #58 in chapter seven of the report on a completely unrelated matter.

These are all excellent questions Stone is asking. Hopefully, Trump will ask them publicly on a much larger stage this summer. As should be evident, once these questions are asked, even bigger ones rear their heads.

At least the Trump camp appears to be intellectually curious. Back in 2012, Romney – who has been more critical of Trump than he has of Clinton this year – had no interest in getting to these truths:

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