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Mar 27, 2015 No Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

Peggy Noonan appears to have joined the Status Quo.

The Status Quo, as you know, is all about keeping things in Washington the way they are. Members of Congress and the bureaucracy like things the way they are. That’s because they do well at what they do, which isn’t always in the best interests of the people.

President Obama changed the Status Quo, but he made Washington even more powerful. Apparently to Status Quo politicians and mainstream media writers such as Peggy Noonan, that’s all right.

So now we have a new Status Quo. But it’s a Barack Obama status quo that contains the Affordable Healthcare Act, an overactive EPA, nationalized college tuition loans, and Net Neutrality. Washington must be basking in its new power!

Now comes Ted Cruz with an “American Values” form of Hope & Change.

And, of course, the Left is not happy. Progressives flocked to keyboard and TV camera alike to demonize Cruz for standing up for his principles. Why, he shut the government down! Why he wants to stop Our President from unilaterally enacting amnesty for 5,000,000 illegal aliens.

Even “conservatives” seem to think Cruz is too conservative.

Ms. Noonan (Photo: HuffPo)

Ms. Noonan (Photo: HuffPo)

Of course you expect this from the Thad Cochran-loving mainstream Republicans that openly despise the Tea Party in their zeal to be (as Glenn Beck calls it) “progressive light.” But you don’t expect it from the op-ed pages of the Wall Street Journal. You don’t expect it from Peggy Noonan who is renowned for her political insight and who often graces our TV screens during Sunday morning talk.

“Sickness” and “obvious oiliness.”

These are words Ms. Noonan uses to demean Sen. Cruz in an article entitled:

“The Too-Smooth Cruz”

In the piece, she professes a love of politics. But it’s apparent that she has no love for Ted Cruz. To some of us on the Right, Cruz is a breath of fresh air. He is intellectually brilliant; politically smart; constitutionally sound; and amazingly consistent. Cruz tries hard to keep promises. But keeping promises is apparently against the Status Quo. Our girl Noonan doesn’t like any of it.

We went through her article and circled phrases meant to make Cruz look bad. In case you don’t have a password to get through the pay wall at the Journal, here’s the list:

• And now, as Ted Cruz often says, let’s get back to Ted Cruz.
• …cheering students [at Liberty University] some enthusiastically and some because if they had to be there at least they weren’t in class.
• Cruz prowled the stage like the showman he is.
• He was like a Sunday morning preacher in a midsize megachurch on a local TV station.
• …his reputation as the angry, surly face of the dark side of conservatism.
• He’s the government shutdown artist.
• …the living answer to the question, “What if Joe McCarthy went to Harvard Law?”
• He is 44 and a first-term senator.
• Mr. Cruz here is not like Reagan.
• He’s like a first-term senator named Barack Obama.
• Is the country in the mood for more on-the-job training?
• I think of the comment of one of his fellow conservative senators: “He’s a complete charlatan, you know.”
• …every Cruz conversation, every interview, seems to be the rote performance of a speech.
• …he moves his hands and face and modulates his voice like a TV pro.
• …the trick is to be an actor without being a phony.

She saved the best – or worst – for last:

“Slickness is not a virtue in a politician, and obvious oiliness is a drawback.”

When I read that last quote on my radio show, a caller opined that it was an anti-Hispanic racial slur. Right there in the Wall Street Journal in what may be that newspaper’s smarmiest column in years. Maybe ever.

She even got a dig in at another Texas presidential hopeful:

“Mr. Cruz needs some awkward lessons. Maybe he can call Rick Perry.”

Peggy Noonan may be suffering from writer’s block.

Let’s hope for a revival for this once-grand lady who used to regale us with dynamic columns in support of conservative causes. Perhaps she’s losing her touch, or maybe she only likes conservative politicians that don’t mean it. Ted Cruz means it – and if that goes against the Status Quo, then pass me the oil. “Oiliness” has just become a virtue.


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