The Spirit of RONALD REAGAN is alive in TED CRUZ.

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Mar 24, 2015 No Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

Ronald Reagan frustrated, infuriated and angered the Left.

President Ronald Reagan (Photo: Reagan Library)

President Ronald Reagan (Photo: Reagan Library)

They said he was a B-movie actor who was not a serious candidate. They said he couldn’t win. When he did, they said he couldn’t lead. When he led, the said he was too old. All he did was give this country decades of economic prosperity and defeat Soviet communism.

Ted Cruz is the closest candidate to Reagan.

He has been my candidate for the Republican nomination from the start. There are two reasons. First, he stands for my conservative values. Under Cruz, we’d see a Reaganesque rebirth of America — something we are sorely in need of. Second, I’m tired of losing. Yes! I believe Ted Cruz can win. He’s young, fresh, vital, conservative, and eloquent. He’s not a Ford, Dole, McCain or Romney. He’s certainly not another Bush. Best of all he’s the polar opposite of Barack Obama.

Cruz & Reagan – two of a kind.

The Republican Party supposedly reveres Ronald Reagan. It has Reagan Day banquets and fundraisers and such. But does the Party really want another Gipper? The short answer is no.

The Republican establishment is STATUS QUO. It likes things as they are. Ted Cruz, like Reagan, would shake up the country. Cruz, like Reagan, means what he says and will actually make serious attempts to fix the mess than past congresses and past presidents have created.

Compare what Ted Cruz said in his announcement speech at Liberty University to Ronald Reagan’s classic “A Time For Choosing” speech.

Video: Ted Cruz makes his announcement at Liberty University. 3/23/15

Video: Ronald Reagan on behalf of Barry Goldwater. A Time For Choosing. 10/27/64.

Reagan and Cruz embody the concept of American exceptionalism. (Note that this word is so reviled by the Left that it is not embedded in the Microsoft Word spellcheck – the same program that insists that “internet” should be capitalized.)

Can he govern?

Can we (read: mainstream media) stop asking this inane question? When you read that conservatives can’t govern, or Cruz can’t govern – you are experiencing the herd mentality of the mainstream media. Obama can’t govern, but nobody cares. Let’s move on.

Speaking of comparisons to Obama –

We’ve seen them in stories about Cruz coming from the Left as well as the Right. Remember, the Right doesn’t want him because he would change the status quo. The Left doesn’t want him because he’s a true believer in the Constitution and a denier of Global Warming.


So we hear more banality about how Cruz – like Obama – has been in the Senate only a short time and he’s about the age Obama was when he started running for president. This is leftwing bull. The mainstream media is in love with Obama. They have no problem with how Obama ran or when he ran or with how long he’s been in the Senate. They snidely make this comparison for one reason—to harm Cruz.

But he can’t win.

This is the mainstream media’s theme. The Dallas Morning News’ editorial board headline reads:

Can Cruz lead?

The editorial features a sidebar called:

Cruz the obstructionist.

Op-ed writer Carl P. Leubsdorf writes of “7 obstacles facing Cruz” under a headline that reads:

First to enter, soon to fade.

They said that about Reagan.

It took more than one try, but Ronald Wilson Reagan became the greatest president in modern history. They said Ford, Dole, McCain and Romney could win. They were all trounced. Reagan ran as a conservative, hiding nothing about his beliefs. He won two terms and brought the country back from the malaise of Jimmy Carter.

Ted Cruz will have three fights on his hands from those who despise him: Democrats, mainstream Republicans, and the media. Reagan fought those same odds and America is a better nation because he did. Ted Cruz can bring the country back from the malaise of Barack Obama. Cruz embodies the spirit of Ronald Reagan. Go Ted! And let’s win!

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