The Paul Ryan budget: This is what ‘compromise’ looks like

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Dec 17, 2015 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

So House Speaker John Boehner is gone and Speaker Paul Ryan is in. What’s different? You can parse it and say that Boehner left a mess for Ryan to clean up – but the eventual answer is: “Not Much.”

In a two-bill deal, the Republicans got some tax extensions and an end to the crude oil export ban.

But look what the Democrats got.

More money for alternative energy. Extended powers for the EPA. Funding for Obama’s climate change scheme. Planned Parenthood is still funded. There’s money for Syrian refugees. Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama complains that it does nothing to stop Sanctuary Cities. This bill is a gift to Obama for his agenda. Beyond that, it fully explains the rise of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. This is the way Washington works – and it is precisely the reason that Washington doesn’t.

Video: Sen. Jeff Sessions, on the Senate floor 12/16/15 says this bill explains why voters are in open rebellion

This is what you get when two sides are so far apart.

There are establishment Republicans and conservative Republicans. But there are no moderate Democrats. The Dems have lurched to the extreme left under Obama. It’s hard to find a Democrat that doesn’t fully support the climate change fraud, the killing of babies in the womb, open borders, tax-and-spend policies, and lots of welfare to keep people dependent on government.

This is known in academic circles as Cloward-Piven theory. (The idea that you can force socialism on a nation by bankrupting it with spending.) Whether they realize it or not (and they likely do), Democrats are moving along this path.

House Speaker Paul Ryan

House Speaker Paul Ryan

With establishment Republicans so weak, and virtually all the Democrats so far left, it’s hard for conservative Republicans like ted Cruz and Sen. Sessions to win. This explains the Trump phenomenon. Trump has a sense of where the people are – not ALL the people, but a good portion of them. He understands that bills such as this one that edge us closer to the $20 trillion mark in the National Debt have the potential to destroy the economy of the country.

What now for Trump, Cruz, and Ryan?

TRUMP: He will edge upward in the polls until or unless something happens to turn his juggernaut around. If he stays on top as he is now, he will win the nomination and may very well become president. He has the inherent ability and the cash to run a campaign that could destroy Hillary Clinton.

CRUZ: If Trump slides and decides to drop out, Cruz will be the beneficiary. Trump might well endorse Cruz and if he does it may be over for the Dems. Cruz is a better debater than Hillary and he will exploit every weakness she has. He will crush her and become president.

RYAN: He may get a pass on this Omnibus deal. He might not get another one. He can blame this one on Boehner. The next one, he owns.

For now, government continues to grow.

Here’s how I rank the potential GOP nominees at the time of this writing:

1. Ted Cruz.
2. Donald Trump
3. Marco Rubio
4. Chris Christie

The rest are vying for vice president or a cabinet position. President Cruz, or one of the others will have a mess to clean up. It’s Obama’s mess, but Paul Ryan just made it worse.

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