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by Lynn Woolley

Let’s say that FBI Director James Comey decides that there is no case against Hillary Clinton for her various crimes. With a clean bill of health, Clinton should, by all conventional wisdom, wipe the floor with the Republican nominee no matter who it is. The reason is that there are too many non-white votes, too much dependence on government welfare, and too many left leaning states.

There are two ways to beat Hillary.

One way is state-by-state, hoping that the GOP can retain all of Romney’s wins and add four or five states. Republicans would then try to up their game in Florida, Ohio, Virginia, and Colorado – and it would be a very close race. Failing that, Republicans have to nationalize the race and prove that Hillary is incompetent, failed as Secretary of State, is self-centered, and is a pathological liar.

Video: Hillary Clinton’s debate lies


Republicans will be counting electoral votes. Even with the above four mentioned states – assuming they all move to the Republican side – it will be touch and go. The Republicans can’t afford to lose any states that typically vote Republican to Hillary. As the Bush-Gore race proved, every state is important in these days when the country is so split.

It all comes down to getting four or more additional states to turn red.

It all comes down to getting four or more additional states to turn red.

That means, in order to win, the Republicans will have to up their ground game.

They must play retail politics at its best. The nominee must be everywhere as much as possible, shaking hands, doing TV interviews, and articulating a strong set of policies on how to make the country better – things like job creation, fixing the Income Tax, reforming immigration and securing our borders, and explaining how to defeat radical Islam. He or she will have to take on Hillary on these issues and more – and will have to get dirty from time to time. God knows the Clintons will.

The Republicans will have to master the internet as Obama did.

Newspapers are almost dead and radio and TV (while still vital) have to share the spotlight with social media. Fewer people watch live TV now, and the 5:30 national newscast are still watched by senior citizens – but are dead to younger voters.

Talk Radio is still a kingmaker. Rush, the Frontbencher, and a few others — and local hosts are far more important than TV to a conservative candidate. State-by-state, the nominee must do a lot of talk shows. Of course, the message must be right.

Nationalizing the election.

Again, assuming Comey lets Hillary slip out of an indictment, it is most fortunate that she will be the nominee for the Donkeys. Her past is a treasure trove of criminal activity and lies. Her tenure as Secretary of State is a national embarrassment.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

She is unleashing Bill Clinton now as a campaign surrogate. This is good. Bill is a racist, sexist pig – and he will do or say something that could change the election. He played the race card against Obama – and Obama used that to his advantage.

Even if Bill behaves, Hillary’s past is a golden resource and must be used. She must be painted as a self-centered, incompetent, lying, corrupt politician. Which should not be hard because that is precisely what she is.

Donald Trump would be best suited to run this campaign because this is what he does. For the state-by-state method, Ted Cruz would be awesome. He understands the ground game and he knows how to use social media and the internet. There are a few other candidates that would do well at either strategy.

The GOP MUST unite!

It is true that the Republican National Committee has become irrelevant. But it still controls the structure of the party. Establishment writers like George Will and Charles Krauthammer have been diminished with their criticism of Trump that borders on hysteria. Smoke-filled-room power brokers like Karl Rove are not in control either.

The people have chosen Trump and Cruz. The establishment’s best hope is likely Marco Rubio – who has a BIG problem with his past support of comprehensive immigration reform when he threw in with the Democrats. But it doesn’t matter.


She represents old-style corrupt politics of the 80’s and 90’s. America MUST move on without the Clintons or the Bushes. This is America in the 21st Century and the people want someone that doesn’t lie. They want someone who can get the job done.

The winning combination will include the outsiders.

Imagine a Cruz-Carson ticket with Ted’s communications abilities and Ben Carson being put in charge of healing American’s racial divide. Donald Trump as chief negotiator for trade agreements – and even for big-ticket items like nuclear deals. Or put Carly Fiorina on the ticket to negate Hillary’s “being a woman” advantage and make Carson a part of the cabinet. Even as Surgeon General, he could be in charge of improving race relations. I would put Mike Huckabee in charge of fixing the Income Tax.

And I would announce all these things as soon as the nominee is selected. This ought to unite us. But it’s not what’s happening. Instead, Republicans and conservatives are killing each other instead of going after the real enemy, which is liberals.

I am not enamored with Rubio, Christie, or Kasich. But with the single exception of Jeb Bush (due to the issue of family dynasties) any of the GOP candidates are far better than putting a despicable woman in the White House whose name is Clinton.

Let’s pick one of these strategies—or do them both simultaneously – but let do them together as a single movement. If we lose to the Clintons – and they are BOTH running – this country is in trouble and the Republican Party might never recover. If we win we can fix a lot of things with a President Cruz or a President Trump. If we get a President Rubio, we can apply political pressure on him and work on getting the RNC on the side of conservatism.

But if we lose…

That’s an outcome almost too terrible to contemplate.

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