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Jul 11, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

There is a war – inside mainstream media – against the presumptive Republican nominee. That’s fine if newspapers and networks sincerely believe that Trump would be bad or America.

We have a free press and they can print and broadcast what they like.

But there will be no commensurate media war against Hillary Clinton. When you think about the years of scandals and how thin her accomplishments are – and you consider that just in the past ten days or so, she has wormed out of accountability not once, but twice – how can media attack Trump and not her?

She had just escaped culpability in the Benghazi scandal when James Comey let her off the hook on the server scandal. On the former, she was mostly just incompetent. In the latter, she broke the law. In both cases, she lied through her teeth. Yet, the media war is only against Trump!

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

 Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg of the Supreme Court in May. In an interview in her chambers on Friday, she chastised the Senate for refusing to act on President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. (Photo: Mike Groll/Associated Press)

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg of the Supreme Court in May. In an interview in her chambers on Friday, she chastised the Senate for refusing to act on President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. (Photo: Mike Groll/Associated Press)

In an interview in her chambers, published by the New York Times, Ginsburg says she “doesn’t want to contemplate” a Trump administration. She talked of moving to New Zealand if Trump becomes president.

“I can’t imagine what this place would be … with Donald Trump as our president.”

Mind you, this is a supposedly apolitical Supreme Court justice injecting herself into the presidential campaign. She is damaged goods after saying this, but she’s an in-the-tank liberal anyway and always has been. The New York Times went with it and she is now part of the media war against Trump.

SMU's Dale Carpenter (Photo: Tim Rummelhoff)

SMU’s Dale Carpenter (Photo: Tim Rummelhoff)

SMU law professor Dale Carpenter

This legal genius has signed onto a letter (along with about two dozen other academics) saying that Donald Trump isn’t qualified to be president. Carpenter “says he usually identifies as a Republican.” He may identify as a toaster over, but he is using his academic credentials to join the media war against Trump – while leaving Hillary Clinton alone.

Here are the six American Values that Trump allegedly falls short of:

• Self control
• Honesty
• Giving reasons for one’s views
• Judging others as individuals
• Respecting the rule of law
• Respecting the independence of the press

Carpenter says Trump fails all 6 of these tests. If that’s what he thinks, fine. But in what parallel universe does Hillary Clinton do any better?

Taking them one at a time:

• Hillary’s self control is not typically in evidence when she is hurling blue vases in to the wall and belittling her own servants and subordinates. (I can’t say, by I’ll bet the personality of singer Juliette Barnes on the ABC TV series “Nashville” was patterned after HRC.)
• Honesty and Hillary Clinton go together like oil and water. The Benghazi video lie and the scores of lies about her in-home server make this point a laugher.
• She gives reasons for her views all right – and mostly just to agree with President Obama and promise to carry forth his failed agenda. Her views include growing government and maintaining racial divisions for the betterment of the Democratic Party.
• Hillary never blames herself for anything but she constantly blames the “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” for all the crap she gets into. Never is it her fault. But I’ll admit she is careful not to be as judgmental toward others as Obama with his constant racial rhetoric.
• As for respecting the rule of law – Hillary knows that is not meant for her and Bill. Laws are for the little people.
• Hillary Clinton respects the independence of the press so long as they are dumping on Trump and leaving her alone. That’s why she had a home-brew server in the first place: to keep the media from finding out nasty stuff about the Clinton Foundation and putting it in the papers. It’s why she will go on MSNBC all the time but almost never on FOX News. She respects the press ONLY if it is in her pocket.

But the Dallas Morning News carried the story about Professor Carpenter, and is fully participating in the media war on Trump.

Hillary Clinton gets a pass.

Always has. Always will.

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