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May 13, 2015 No Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

Even with the willing aid of the mainstream media, it’s hard to disguise the fact that our “recovery” from the Great Recession is either extremely weak – or nonexistent.

Economists use statistics, but look at real life.

Not many jobs are being created. College graduates with big student loans debts are having trouble finding work. Wages are suppressed. Creating news businesses is tough due to government regulations. Republicans contribute as well, but essentially, this moribund economy belongs to the Democrats. It’s hard to see how America becomes a robust economic engine with current policies. Some business leaders are predicting a major recession. Let’s hope they’re wrong. But current policies that discourage entrepreneurship and encourage Big Government have made the economy stagnant. This is called “hope and change.”

Remember the Obama Principle.

Obama always gets what he wants.

He got his Stimulus, Cash for Clunkers, Dodd-Frank, nationalization of student loans and the Affordable Care Act known as Obamacare. If I were to categorize each of these, it would be as follows, in order: Crony Capitalism; Government Meddling; Big Regulation; Education Socialism; and Healthcare Socialism.

Republicans (think U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Texas Association of Business) promote corporate welfare and support the Export-Import Bank and unfettered (illegal) immigration. Conservative Republicans are better, but some in Congress get their arms twisted to maintain Big Government ideals – things like the Income Tax Code, the Department of Commerce, and the Department of Education.

This is business-as-usual, and it’s known as STATUS QUO.

Congress likes all this stuff the way it is. They always become enriched by their congressional “service” and if they land in the White House, they can start a foundation and use it to create personal wealth. The poster-family for this is the Clintons. Low information voters may return this crime family to the White House.

Not if the MEDIA does its job.

We wondered on the radio this morning how much the Clinton machine pays newspapers NOT to run stories about all of Hillary’s new scandals. Yes, there were some stories about her wiped-clean hard drive – but how many stories about the Clinton Foundation have you seen in print? Not many.

The media should report all this, but (loving the Clintons as they do) they either ignore it or bury it on page 11-C. (At the bottom of the page.)

A LITTLE truth would make a BIG difference.

If Hillary Clinton gets elected, she presumably would continue with Democrat policies instituted by the Obama administration. Remember, she attempted to pass “Hillarycare” long before we got “Obamacare.” It’s likely that Obamacare is a warmed over rewrite of Hillary’s plan. If the people actually realized how bad things are right under the Democrats, then ANY of the Republican field should beat her handily. But there are not a lot of exposes going on in the mainstream media.

Here’s what you SHOULD be reading every day in your newspaper:

• Job creation is lackluster. And note that Obamacare redefined the workweek to 30 hours and businesses responded by laying people off or cutting hours.
• Big mergers continued under Obama. Each megamerger means job losses and bigger, more powerful companies that do not have to be responsive.
• New college graduates are having a difficult time finding jobs – and certainly not jobs that pay commensurate with their education.
• The youth unemployment rate (ages 20 to 24) is 9.6 percent compared to 4.5 percent for those 25 and over.
• Our schools are providing a bad education that lacks citizenship, character, civics, Western civilization, American exceptionalism and life courses that teach students how to invest and be self-sufficient. But the teachers’ unions are happy.
• 70 percent of college students hold student debt and the average comes to $27,000.
• Liberal colleges and universities continue to pile on the tuition costs.
• Opening a business has become difficult. In Alabama, California, Connecticut, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, and Rhode Island, you must obtain a license to open a tree-trimming business.
• Don’t even think of becoming an interior designer. That’s harder to obtain a license for in some states.
• Unpaid internships that might lead to a permanent job are becoming rare due to government regulations. But government and community organizers can still offer them.
• If you’re young, you will pay massive taxes to subsidize the elderly. So bend over.
• In some states like California, you will pay massive taxes to fund the bloated benefits of public unions.
• You will pay for the healthcare of older Americans with high premiums under Obamacare – so your money can be redistributed in the form of subsidies.
• We still have Too Big To Fail – meaning your tax dollars are standing by to bail out some big-ass company that might make dumb decisions.
Welfare (Food Stamps and such) is bigger than ever.

(Some of these points are taken from an article in the Wall Street Journal by Diana Furchtgott-Roth and Jared Meyer. You can read it here.

Perhaps we shouldn’t worry about any of this because Google is running the world anyway. (Any thought of breaking up Google?) But some CEO’s are now saying that one little spark here or there and we could be back in a big, bad recession. Government excesses have brought us to this point.

Americans should look for hope of better change.

If we elect Hillary Clinton, who just came out for total, complete amnesty for illegal aliens, we may be sunk. She is a panderer and she owes a lot of favors to people who have “contributed” to her family business – the Clinton Foundation.

The policies we now have in place are designed to perpetuate far-left ideals such as cradle-to-grave government programs, tax-and-spend, smaller military, more government assistance for the poor, open borders, and so on. What, exactly, would Hillary improve?

We need to return to American Exceptionalism.

Any one of the Republican contenders beats any of the Democrats – on the issues. But maybe not at the polls. People have become comfortable with living under the strong arm of government.

Nevertheless, this country would be far better off with fewer, more reasonable regulations in key sectors like banking – and NO regulations for tree trimmers. Let’s end Too-Big-To-Fail by breaking up any company that is so large that its failure would threaten the world economy.

Let’s stop the insane mega-mergers and restore competition to the marketplace.

chickens-vultures-coming-home-to-roostRemember, it’s competition that keeps quality high, prices reasonable, and customer service at its peak. Competition creates jobs by the millions and forces salaries to be competitive. Let’s unleash the American spirit of enterprise by taking business out from under the crushing thumb of Big Government.

Maybe we are all enjoying the misery of the Obama years.

Maybe we’re conditioned to the “new normal.” As for me, I think the Democrats’ chickens have come home to roost. I think what we have right now is what we will continue to have unless we make a big change at the polls.

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