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Jan 3, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

by Sid Frasier

This article was inspired by the movie “Concussion.”


My daughter is a nationally certified Athletic Trainer so she invited me see the movie. Her everyday experience dealing with this type of injury made me realize the true scope, long term dangers and just how pervasive cover ups of serious issues have become are in this country.

While the movie theme deals with repetitive head injuries suffered while “playing” the game of football… it is but a metaphor for a system of authority and government that has grown too large, too powerful, and too focused on special interest to solve the “Concussion Syndrome.” It is recognizing a problem exists, while avoiding solutions.

Let’s examine the parallel worlds between professional sports and professional politics.

The influence amassed by these two disciplines is mind boggling. For most people these are spectator events and they do not care to understand the dirty little secrets that happen behind the scenes; many live out their fantasies vicariously without having to be involved personally. For the media, it often is promoted as a harmless circus that distorts the true dangers, isolates the real facts and sucks victims (fans, voters, and entitlement seekers) in like cult followers.

For the participants it’s all about the money and prestige of being a player. For the owners and leaders it’s about maintaining the power, protecting the influence and building a dynasty without concern for the long term consequences or the people it hurts.

The Concussion Syndrome has altered our society by replacing regular attendance in church with a compulsive desire to be plugged into sporting events at every level.

The Concussion Syndrome has desensitized the voter to continue to reelect the same people that are causing economic turmoil, socialistic chaos, healthcare decay and the deterioration of our personal freedoms.

The Concussion Syndrome has turned our public schools into money pits that produce facilities as opposed to knowledgeable productive citizens.

The Concussion Syndrome has produced a generation of technology dependent drones that are unable to drive, write complete sentences or shop without the aid of a smart phone.

The Concussion Syndrome is a result of complacency to prevent lawlessness at the highest levels of power placing innocent people at risk.

The Concussion Syndrome is tolerating or promoting an ideology that circumvents the foundation of basic honest principles to benefit the elite. Universities depend on The Concussion Syndrome to generate millions of dollars regardless of the risks.

Folks, hopefully you can see the Concussion Syndrome and the coverups of dangerous situations isn’t limited to the players in National Football League.

It is a far more wide spread pattern of deception and of mind control that impacts the lives of each of us. Until we reach beyond the surface, recognize these problems exist, and voice our concerns; a solution will never be realized. Dependence on any human entity that has unfettered power is a recipe for tyranny.

Video: “Concussion” — official trailer

If you choose to see this movie, realize the deeper insight that goes beyond the serious nature of repetitive head injury. The underlying moral is not to be paranoid, but become aware and proactive. We need more people to expose these issues as opposed to ignoring they exists.

Sid Frasier is president of Electronic Assistance Corporation.

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