Texas Democrats see Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick as “boogeyman.”

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by Lynn Woolley

Dan Patrick is the whole package. He’s conservative. He didn’t come to politics out of academia or the legal profession – he was (of all things) a talk show host. He changed his name for radio – as many of us do.

Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick

He’s failed at business, eventually succeeding with radio in Houston. Worst of all, he appears to be hell-bent on keeping political promises. Gromer Jeffers writes in the Dallas Morning News that Democrats see Patrick as a “boogeyman” – kind of like Republicans see President Obama. Indeed, Obama emerged from both academia and lawyering. He has an ominous sounding middle name and was employed in a field that some think is even worse than talk radio – community organizing.

Obama also is focused on his political goals.

It will be interesting in a few years to see which of these two men compiles a legacy of success.

Talk radio versus community organizing.

As a daily practitioner of the former, I have always seen it as a calling to investigate, deduce, and report. In other words, I try each day to speak truth to power. I fully supported my local congressman, Rep. John Carter, until I found out that he had met – in secret – with a group including Chicago Rep. Luis Gutierrez. This group was working on immigration issues that are existential for the continued survival of the United States as we know it. I felt betrayed when I heard this.

Of all the issues to work on in secret!

Rep. Luiz Gutierrez, D-IL and Rep. John Carter, R-TX (Photo: Chron)

Rep. Luiz Gutierrez, D-IL and Rep. John Carter, R-TX (Photo: Chron)

The people didn’t even know these meetings were going on. Gutierrez openly represents the interests of Mexico – not the United States. These closed doors meetings told me things about Rep. Carter that I had not even suspected. I reported on the story and analyzed it. That’s what I do. That’s why talk radio is so hated by members of Congress and by the Left.

See if you can find a week in which your local paper does NOT have a letter or a quote denigrating talk radio.

Community organizing is Obama’s “social justice” in action.

It works like this. A professional community organizer finds an issue, frames it in such a way that a group of people believe they are being mistreated, and fans the flames of distrust. Then, the people demand a government solution – usually money taken from others.

I’m glad Obama was a community organizer and I am a talk radio host. I believe he was using the “rules” of Saul Alinsky to divide people. I empower people with information.

So who’s the boogeyman?

Obama has been quite successful. But leftwing success may not translate into a legacy. He has inserted government into the most personal part of our lives – healthcare – at a great cost to taxpayers. He has stood between our doctors and us. He has caused college tuition to go up by flooding the market with government money. He promotes class warfare and divides people on every issue for his own political gain. He wants gigantic government that runs our lives as Islam runs the lives of Muslims. He believes strongly in abortion on demand and the homosexual agenda.

But, as Mr. Jeffers told us, Democrats think Dan Patrick is the boogeyman.

Patrick wants to get tough on illegal immigration, secure the southern border, work within the existing state budget, prioritize needs, and promote school choice – an agenda that is radical to big-government Obama types.

I think Dan Patrick will be just fine.

I feel much better with a talk show host in power than I do with a community organizer.


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