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Jul 29, 2014 1 Comment ›› admin

by Sid Frasier

Tonight I attended the regularly scheduled “last Monday of every month” Tea Party Meeting. tea-party-patriots-logo

The speaker was Maria Acosta, Texas Coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots. Maria recently returned from the state of Mississippi where she worked to educate voters in support of Chris McDaniel for United States Senator. As you may know, Mr. McDaniel (the true conservative) was running against a Republican Establishment Incumbent (Thad Cochran). Mr. Cochran qualifies as an “Establishment Incumbent” because he has been in the Senate since 1978.

If you have been following the news related to this election, you know that the Republican Party stooped to tactics that most honest people would say were reserved only for underhanded Democrats. Maria went with a delegation from states across the nation that took to the streets and neighborhoods to inform people within every socioeconomic group in Mississippi. This was a grassroots attempt to bring about much needed change.

As it turns out Establishment Political Action Committees (PACs) pooled millions of dollars to bring about a despicable hatchet job on Chris McDaniel and his Tea Party volunteers/supporters. Anyone claiming to be a Republican that was part of this attack cannot dispute the fact that they conspired in a series of lies, deception, illegal crossover voting techniques and falsely defamed the Tea Party supporters as racial enemies.

This is a prime example of a “do anything to retain power” mission that is destroying the credibility of politicians everywhere. Is there any wonder that the American people don’t trust the self serving crony politicians that buy their way into office and conspire behind closed doors?

As history will record, Mr. McDaniel won the primary but the vote percentage forced a runoff. This is when the slime oozed from the Republican Party elites. They stepped up radio attack ads, they denounced the effort of McDaniel supporters, and basically put honest people who were out talking to the community at danger by calling them racist. In addition, crossover Democrat voting was encouraged during the Republican primary and runoffs. Volunteers are finalizing information related to voter fraud and illegal election procedures… this issue isn’t dead, but it pales by comparison to the chaos in our world and across the spectrum of everything touched by the incompetence of our so called “leaders.”

Maria shared that she was not only in fear of being attacked, she also learned that much of the hidden motivation for re-electing Thad Cochran was based on the fact that Mississippi is an entitlement state for which Mr. Cochran has been able to return 3 dollars for every dollar paid to the federal government. Folks, that is precisely what is wrong with our current system of government… essentially politicians retaining power by distributing other peoples money.

Sen. John Cornyn R-TX (Photo: ABC)

Sen. John Cornyn R-TX (Photo: ABC)

What is really sad, the “Republican” establishment hasn’t spoken out against these tactics nor assisted in the effort to expose the obvious corruption! In fact, they have taken a page from the Obama handbook and ignored practices that should have sent several of them to prison. Did you know John Cronyn was one of the participants that transferred PAC funds to this assault on the electoral process?

Sid Frasier is a political writer and owner of Electronic Assistance Corporation.

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  1. paintedfaces says:

    @ Did you know John Cronyn was one of the participants that transferred PAC funds to this assault on the electoral process? ——- Very disappointed in some of the moves Cornyn has taken in the last few years. Very disappointed in the moves Cornyn or Carter have not made in the Illegal Situation happening in Texas.Its as if they have No Voice any longer. Its as if they are afraid to speak out. They both are a huge disappointment. If they are listening to those who work for them, They are making a big mistake.—- —-What happened in Ms. was as if they are still living in the days of the Slave Master and doing what they are told to do .Only this time , it was Black & White who were ordering the general public in the direction they were to go.

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