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Jun 25, 2015 1 Comment ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

It’s become obvious that a Supreme Court appointment is great way to advance your personal political agenda. The four outright liberals on the court ALWAYS rule in favor of liberal laws — regardless of whether they are constitutional or not. Those are fixed votes.

So it’s the co-called swing votes, or conservatives, that matter to the eventual outcome of cases. If Anthony Kennedy gets up on the wrong side of the bed, he might cause hell for millions of Americans. But the weight of Obamacare is not just on HIS shoulders. Twice now, Chief Justice John Roberts has voted keep a law in spite of law-based reasons to toss it.

Scalia and Thomas and sometimes Alito seem concerned with the law. The rest of these black-robed ideologues are interested only in advancing an agenda. The Supreme Court is no longer about the law. It is about politics.

Read about the Obama Principle here.

We need a judicial do-over.

The Supreme Court is a constitutional entity that is supposed to be the non-political branch of government. It is co-equal with the other two branches, but is supposed to rise above partisan squabbling. It has become a tyrannical dictatorship dedicated to imposing its will on the American people.

It is apparent that the Congress must look for a remedy under the Constitution. Impeaching and removing justices would do no good. We need a permanent fix that would put the High Court back in its rightful place – that of making decisions based on the Constitution first, the law, and (lastly) precedent.

Video: Professor Jonathan Gruber, one of the architects of Obamacare made it plain what the law says. What about this do the six justices not understand?

When six justices read specific words – embedded in the healthcare law in an attempt to force states to set up exchanges – and they see an entire different meaning, we have a problem.

It is time to remake this court. Congress has the power.

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  1. This has nothing to do with Obama. It is the history of the Supreme Court that it rules in favor of the government interest, ignoring the rights granted by the constitution to the people. It goes back as far as 1824, when the court was asked whether or not the feds had a right to collect a tax on intrastate trade.
    Since the passage of the whiskey tax in the administration of George Washington, the federal government has based its authority to collect tax on goods on the authority to regulate interstate trade. But there is no wording in the Constitution granting a right to regulate intrastate trade. So why do we have to pay a federal tax on beer that is brewed in Texas, sold in Texas and consumed in Texas.
    What happened in 1824 is that this question was posed to the Supreme Court. The Court ruled that the federal government does have a right to tax merchandise that is consumed in the same state in which it was produced because, (now get this:) if the federal government could not collect tax on intrastate trade, all states would simply avoid the federal taxes by producing their needs within their own borders. That’s nothing to do with the Constitution or the rights of the people, it’s only about the needs of the federal government.
    The federal government gains power by regulating health care. And just about every one of those Supreme Court Justices, as well as every U.S. Senator and Congressman, has money invested in Health Care Sector Mutual Funds and they all have done very well by those investments over the past few years.
    We’re stuck with Obama/Romney Care. There is too much money and political power invested in this scam now to ever get rid of it, short of a revolution.

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