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Nov 18, 2014 No Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

There is a general consensus in America – at last among conservatives — that President Obama is damaging our country – and that he may be doing it on purpose. Impeach poster

Lately, some of my talk show brethren have been given to monologues about shutting the government down or even impeachment as a way to stop him. I have counseled Republicans to be careful. Here’s why. Our party has weak leadership.

Both Speaker Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have fought the Tea Party harder than the Democrats. And the Republicans are not unified. If our party wants to pursue impeachment, we will have to find the constitutional grounds and go at it in a logical, legal way. But Republicans failed to stand behind Ted Cruz when he fought Obamacare. So excuse my skepticism. I’m not certain at all the GOP could actually do it.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-TX (Photo:  Salon)

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-TX (Photo: Salon)

Here’s what it has come to. The Democrats are so moribund right now that they are baiting the Republicans to impeach. They know that the media will take Obama’s side. They also know that they can use race as an issue to smear the Republicans.

Hatred of Obama based on nothing more than race is a constant theme with Chris Matthews on the little-watched MSNBC. And Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts writes about it constantly. The leftists never consider the slightest possibility that people who oppose Obama are conservatives who are ideologically opposed to gigantic government and constant federal takeovers of programs that should remain in the private sector. These liberals are thinking with a different type of brain than normal people do. They either don’t understand that race doesn’t matter when a president fails—or they don’t care and they just like to smear conservatives. Either way, it’s a weapon and they know it.

Shutting down the government is another thing. It is, of course, a perfectly constitutional method of preserving the separation of powers and using any available tools to reach a political goal. Remember, the Democrats used “reconciliation” to pass Obamacare without a single Republican vote. The mainstream media did not demonize them for it. But the media will batter and pillage the Republicans if they shut down the government.

Even so, I’m up for the fight. Shut ‘er down if that what it takes.

Impeach our leftwing president if that’s what it takes.

But remember, the media is going to blame every little pain point that Americans might suffer on the Republicans and race-baiters like Matthews and Pitts will smear the Republicans for hating Obama simply because he is black.

I’m on board if this is route we want to take. Obama is indeed a terrible president – the worst in a generation — who deserves to be removed. Shutting down the government temporarily gets the attention of the big spenders who like o gorge on taxpayer money. So do it!

But the GOP had better be ready. It had better be 100 percent unified. It will take a complete effort on the parts of each and every one of the Republican members of Congress to make Joe Biden president for a year and a half. Call me pessimistic if you want, but I do not think the party that refused to support Ted Cruz when he stood up for the American people has the intestinal fortitude to mount this fight.

It’s better to wait for 2016 and try to put a conservative in the White House than to cast our lot on Boehner and McConnell and be made to look foolish yet again.

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