Should Talk Show Hosts rant, or should we all “just get along”?

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Mar 22, 2015 No Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

I’ve been on some major rants lately. So much so, that I’ve had second thoughts. Oh, I haven’t had any qualms about anything I’ve said. It’s just that if you get too controversial on a talk show, you can get in trouble with your stations, potential sponsors, and the Republican Party.

Two hosts that speak truth to power:  Lynn with Lou Dobbs in Washington on 9-15-09.

Two hosts that speak truth to power: Lynn with Lou Dobbs in Washington on 9-15-09.

Yes, the Party.

There are those who work to win and they tell me that “winning” is all-important. The Republicans ARE winning. The Party now controls the House and the Senate, and FOX News creams CNN night after night. But President Obama always gets his way – anyhow! Why is that? It’s one of the things I rant about. Republicans demanded that Obama stop his illegal and unconstitutional amnesty nonsense or they wouldn’t fund the department of Homeland Security. But it’s funded. And Obama’s amnesty is still in place. And that is why I rant.

Somebody has to say it.

Let me ask a rhetorical question –or maybe it’s just a GOOD question! Who challenged the status quo before we had talk radio? If you look back to the days of ABC, CBS, NBC, the New York Times, and the Associated Press, you got one, unified version of the news. Yes, there was the Wall Street Journal op-ed page and Paul Harvey and a few political magazines that Joe Sixpack never read. Washington politicians could do whatever the hell they wanted without being challenged.

My letter to Rep. Leath.

In the 80’s, I wrote a snail-mail letter (that’s all we had then) to my Congressman, Marvin Leath, D-Waco, complaining about taxpayer or lobbyist funded junkets. He wrote back a scathing letter telling me that if that’s how I felt about it, he had no use for me. In these days before talk radio, I admit it; I was intimated. I didn’t write him any more letters. However, I was onto something. Corruption within the political class was endemic then as it is now. Then, as now, few people noticed or cared. Note that the woman who may very well be the most scandal-ridden political figure in American history is the Democrats’ presumptive nominee.

Talk radio and the rest of the “new media” have pointed this out. Can you imagine how many of the Clintons’ peccadillos would still be under cover if left up to the networks? CBS News got rid of Sharyl Attkisson for trying to cover the Benghazi scandal.

I rant because somebody must. And I am here to tell you that the networks, the major mainstream media and BOTH political parties are in bed. They like things the way they are. Nice and corrupt – but essentially legal. That’s because Congress makes the laws. That’s why we have Leadership PACs and what amounts to legalized bribery.

If the Republicans wanted reform, we’d have it.

For some time, I’ve told you that the Republican Party is part and parcel of the Washington political cesspool. The Republicans have both houses of Congress right now. In recent years, they have controlled the White House as well.

Note these little factoids:

• We still have the oppressive and immoral Income Tax Code.

• We still have open borders and massive numbers of illegal aliens.

• Race relations are at their worst point since the Civil Rights movement.

• We still have Obamacare and the income redistribution it brings.

• We are losing market forces to the rapid consolidation of all segments of business.

• We still have a failed public school system.

• We still have ultra-liberal college and universities with outright Communist professors.

• We have an administration moving forward with the Climate Change hoax.

• We have a president that shreds the Constitution as he pleases.

• We have seen a near-end to the principle of separation of powers.

• We have a Supreme Court that issues party line rulings based on ideology and not law.

• We do not adequately take care of wounded veterans while our military capability is being downsized.

• We still have legal bribery in Washington. And Leadership PAC’s.

There’s no stopping point, but you get the picture.

If this is “winning” I’d like to try something else.

The issues listed above – that never change – represent the status quo. I have reached a conclusion that Democrats’ very existence depends on maintaining things as they are. They need a permanent underclass to provide benefits for — in exchange for votes.

But what of Republicans? Why do they allow this to go on? It’s why I rant. I vote for them expecting a conservative movement. I get nothing but status quo. This is why I do not like or respect “leaders” such as U.S. House Speaker John Boehner, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, or Texas House Speaker Joe Straus.

There was a time when Republicans and and Democrats could work together.

Remember when John F. Kennedy was president? JFK was a Communist fighter. He was a war hero, saving the lives of his men when the PT-109 was attacked in World War II. He knew that lower taxes stimulated the free market economy. That kind of Democrat is extinct. Conservatives cannot work with today’s Democrats. But Republicans can.

Glenn Beck awakens.

Glenn beck (Photo: Ad Week)

Glenn beck (Photo: Ad Week)

The ubiquitous Mr. Beck seems to have grown softer over the months since he parted with FOX News. You’ll recall that he brought mega-ratings to FOX – but became controversial.

Now, we can’t have controversy. If we do, Media Matters for America will get you! They got Imus, and Dr. Laura, and they almost got Rush. So FOX and Beck parted, and Beck grew flabby.

But Karl Rove has a way of bringing conservatives out of the shadows.

Rove is what’s known as a “Bushie.” He lives and breathes all things Bush – and I’ve long suspected that he would promote Jeb Bush so that he – Rove – can once again walk the hallowed halls of status quo power. It took a Rove whiteboard appearance on the “O’Reilly Factor” to bring Glenn Beck back to his old self. Rove was on Beck’s case for comments Beck made about leaving the Republican Party.

Beck is ready to rumble.

From a scathing column aimed squarely at Rove, here is the essence of what he said about the GOP being “Progressive Light”:

If you don’t think that the Republicans are progressive light then you don’t know the history of the movement started by Teddy Roosevelt and the GOP. There are good men and women in the party that believe in the constitution.

Are you one of them? Do you seriously believe that Jeb Bush is not progressive light? Help me out with Common Core and Jeb Bush! How about Orrin Hatch’s role in targeting Mike Lee? Can you name a better, more honorable man than Mike?

How about Mitch McConnell and his targeting of Ted Cruz and Mike Lee? How are things working out for all of the campaign promises? How about the deficit? The war? Defunding ObamaCare? Oh, didn’t the GOP vote to confirm Cass Sunstein?

How is illegal immigration working out for you? (Actually, I know the answer: really well as your big corporate buddies love it. Especially down in the colonias). It is modern day slavery. Has Grover started any new Muslim Brotherhood front groups you and the Bushes can pass off as the good guys? How about some more FCC regulation on the Internet?

My reaction to Beck’s article is simply this: Welcome to the rant! I have thought of the Republican Party as “progressive light” for a long time. Those of us on the right NEED Glenn Beck to be back in the fold. We are fighting BOTH parties.

Why does anybody listen to me? Or Rush? Or Beck?

Let’s go back a week. I’m attending a popular St. Patrick’s Day “green beer” party, and anyone that I see who knows me brings up the radio show. “I heard your rant today,” says one gentleman. I cringe, waiting for the ax to fall. “Did I go over the line?” I ask. I worry because I have called Obama an anti-Semite because of his Iran policy and his open distaste for Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel. The guy I’m talking to says – “not at all.” I asked about the tone of the rant. He says, “the rant is why we listen.”

We live in interesting times.

In fact, we are under the Old Chinese Curse big-time. I believe that I must point out that Obama is a socialist and a communist. Because he is. I point out that what Rush refers to as Low Information Voters is harming America – people voting without a clue as to the issues. I point out that Obama wants millions of illegals to flood the county, amnesty, mandatory voting, Obamacare and Climate Change legislation to create a permanent Democratic majority in this country – and a worldwide green utopia.

I have to say these things. Very few people will.

The Republican Party is for the status quo. I can’t interview my own congressman on the air anymore because he shuns me for calling him out on his closed-door meetings on immigration policy. (I suspect that FOX Business News’ Lou Dobbs may not be on speaking terms with several members of Congress as well regarding this subject.)

But I am not on the air to make friends with members of Congress; I am here to hold their feet to the fire. I am not here to “just get along” but rather to speak truth to power. I’m all for winning – but I want to do it in truth and with honor.

Support your talk radio show or you will not have it for long.

There are major movements to kill off political talk radio. Don’t let them do it. Media Matters for America is at the heart of the movement –a George Soros-funded propaganda unit that exists to demean and destroy anyone who goes on radio or TV with a strong conservative point of view. In all honesty, I believe the mainstream Republicans are OK with that.

Yes, we in radio need sponsors to stay on the air.

There’s no question. Media Matters is working now to convince the big radio companies that political talk is too controversial. Media Matters has convinced Walmart, HEB, General Motors and most other mainline advertisers to stay away from political talk. It’s a fact – and a shame – that big advertisers and national ad agencies kowtow to an organization that exists to suppress free speech. It is, however, a fact that advertisers on conservative talk shows do well because the audience wants to support them.

Sorry about the rant.

Glenn Beck’s “coming out” column inspired me. He was ranting against Karl Rove – and I loved it! Powerful people need to hear this. The Republican Party needs to hear it. I intend to keep telling them.

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